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HCC Newsletter
November, 2001

Newsletter, 864k Pdf document, click the image below: 
2001 Nov Newsletter

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Commodore Fraser Baker. Officers present were Vice Commodore Lillian Tigard, Recorder Marilyn Peery, Purser Candy Donahue, Newsletter Editor Donna Grimes, Governors Mary Carter, Mark Andrus and Bill Grimes and Rendezvous Chairman Jim Null.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Jim Null shared a thank-you note from the lady who was injured at Rendezvous, for the attention and care she received. (She also joined the club.)

A letter was also received from City Market inviting us to use their facility again.

It was decided that newsletters from other clubs should go to the fleet captain who should then bring them to the general meeting for any interested member to see.

Jim Null reported on Rendezvous. It looks like the 2001 Rendezvous should about break even. A reimbursement check will be presented to the club. The committee recommended that the club send a letter to the ACA inviting them to become involved in Rendezvous. Fraser presented a draft of the letter that will be sent. It was approved. A committee consisting of Bill Grimes, Mary Carter, John Bartos, Bob Arthur and Lillian Tigard was appointed to work out details on how a partnership can be formed.

Candy reported that there is $5,900.11 in our operating fund and reserve.

It was decided to go ahead with the Christmas party to be funded up to $1,000. Tracy Caldwell is in charge of the party.

The November program was discussed. Possible programs include Susan Baxter from the LCRA speaking about canoe trails on the Lower Colorado River or Natalie Wiest on places to paddle near Houston. Lillian will have a program in time for the meeting. Cookies and drinks left over from Rendezvous will be served.

Donna Grimes reported on the Membership Committee. There were 14 people who joined the club at Rendezvous.

Candy Donahue expressed interest in joining the Conservancy Committee for the next administration. Mark Andrus then suggested that the committee itself would decide who its next chair would be.

The new membership brochure and applications were reviewed.

A boat that Bob Arthur accepted in lieu of payment for Rendezvous exhibit space will be auctioned, probably at the Christmas party and the money will go to Rendezvous. A minimum bid of $450 was suggested.

Donna asked Lillian for a bio for the newsletter. Mary Carter’s should go in also.

The San Marcos River Foundation is applying for water rights from the San Marcos River with the intention of keeping the water in the river. They are asking members to write letters of support. Mary Carter will write an official letter from the club and also prepare information to assist members in writing individual letters. This will be available at the next meeting and on the listbot. John Bartos will talk about this issue at the meeting.

Bill and Mary will inventory the storeroom within the next two weeks. Members will also be asked to list any club property they have in their homes. This request should go in the newsletter. The radio phones should not be stored there but none of the officers knew where they are.

Items to be addressed at the general meeting include the Christmas party, the San Marcos River Petition, election of officers and an announcement of the boat auction.

Donna and Bill have offered to host the December 4th officer’s meeting in their home. Both outgoing and incoming officers will attend.

The meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Peery

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Commodore Fraser Baker. Officers were introduced. They included Recorder Marilyn Peery, Purser Candy Donahue, Newsletter Editor Donna Grimes, Fleet Captain Cheryl Cleary, and Governors Mary Carter, Mark Andrus and Bill Grimes. Minutes were approved with the amendment that the REI grant application was for only $1,000.

New members and guests were introduced. There were 49 people present. Cheryl Cleary gave the Fleet Captain’s report.

Natalie Wiest presented a program on paddling in southeast Texas.

Jim Null reported on the Rendezvous. Despite the change in site and bad weather, there were 697 clinic participants, comments were generally favorable about the new site and Fluor has invited us back next year. He presented the club with a check for $15,741.45 to repay the advance given to Rendezvous. This amount closed out the Rendezvous account. Louis Aulbach has resigned as Rendezvous treasurer. He deserves many thanks from the club for all his hard work as Rendezvous treasurer for so many years.

Candy reported that there is $5,288.65 in the treasury. With the Rendezvous reimbursement, there will be more than $21,000.

John Bartos reported for the conservation committee. The San Marcos River Foundation has applied for a permit for water rights. The water would be left in the river to support wildlife and the health of the river. The plan would be administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The petition has been accepted by TNRCC and there will be a hearing. Marry Carter is sending a letter from HCC in support of this petition. Several other groups have also done so.

Andy Sansom, the long-time head of TPWD is leaving this position. A motion was made that he be made an honorary member of HCC. The motion passed. Ann Derby will make the certificate..

Tracy Caldwell made a motion that we spend up to $1,000 for a Christmas party to be held December 8 at the Northwest Fitness Center from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. The motion passed. The club will provide drinks and meat and a sign-up sheet was passed for members to bring a side-dish, salad or dessert.

A Dagger Sojurn canoe will be auctioned at the party. It is a demo boat received by Rendezvous in lieu of payment for booth space. The minimum bid will be $450.

The following officers were elected for 2002:

Commodore         – Fraser Baker
Vice Commodore – Jim Null
Recorder              – Marilyn Peery
Purser                  – Kevin Casement
Newsletter Editor  – Donna Grimes
Fleet Captain        – Randall Nord
Governor              – Candy Donahue
Mark Andrus and Bill Grimes will remain as governors to complete their terms.

Bill Grimes asked members to present him with a list of club property they have stored in their homes.

Marilyn Peery