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April Club Meeting:
Birding and Paddling the Gulf Coast

Speaker: Cindy Bartos
Date: April 12, 2023

Paddling and birding are two great activities, meant to be enjoyed together. On April 12, Houston Canoe Club will invite one of our resident birding enthusiasts, Cindy Bartos, to speak again about this enriching subject and share her passion and knowledge: Paddling and Birding the Gulf Coast! Scroll down this page for more details.

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Event Detail for April Club Meeting: 
Topic: Birding and Paddling the Gulf Coast

Speaker: Cindy Bartos
Date: April 12, 2023

Cindy is one of our resident birding enthusiasts. Her previous presentation on this topic a few years back was vividly remembered by many long time members. Here is her own story: 

When I was a kid my family traveled every summer, towing a Starcraft camper and visiting several National and many State Parks. My mom always made a point of picking up the brochures and pamphlets describing the flora and fauna of each region. I’d say that’s where my love and interest in birding was formed.

That challenge of spotting, identifying, and learning the names of birds has expanded into an interest in knowing the bird’s habitats, behaviors and songs. I have come to feel the song of the Northern Parula in the spring and the bugling Sandhill Cranes in the winter, the kettles of Broad-winged Hawks in the fall and the soaring Chimney Swifts in the summer as not only a sign of the change of seasons but also the welcoming back of old friends.

I would consider my birding skills as “passionate enthusiast”. I’m challenged by an unknown song or when traveling to a different region, but always eager to share my joy and knowledge of birds as we paddle a stream together or when asked to present my program “Birding and Paddling the Gulf Coast”.

Welcome to the Houston Canoe Club (HCC).  We are a group of multi-faceted canoers and kayakers who have a shared interest in all types of paddle sports that include, but are not limited to; whitewater, flat water, touring, racing and stand up paddling.  We paddle the bayous, lakes, rivers, streams and Gulf shores of Texas and the United States.  We offer a variety of trips including day trips, weekend trips, overnight camping trips and expedition trips. 

The HCC was established in 1964 when a group of interested canoeists got together and talked of organizing a canoe club. The rest is history. 

We currently have about 130 members in the Houston-Galveston area and beyond.

The club is run by volunteer members.  Our member base consists of people of all ages and includes singles, couples and families. 

Our trips and skill levels range from beginner to experienced, and from day trips of a few hours to week-long expeditions.

Club Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.

We socialize, discuss where we've paddled, review upcoming trips and have guest speakers present topics of interest to the club.

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"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats
 "Wind in the Willows"
by Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932)