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by John Rich

Go to the Marketplace by clicking here:  Buy/Sell/Swap Forum

One of the recurring traditional articles in our monthly newsletter has been the "Marketplace", which contains a list of member's "for sale" advertisements to sell paddling gear they no longer need, or to advertise for "wanted" items.

A problem with that has always been that the newsletter is published at the end of each month, which means that there is often a long delay in the time between when someone submits a notice, and when it actually appears to the public.  For example, if someone submitted an ad on the 5th of the month, it wouldn't actually be available for anyone to see until the end of the month - many weeks later.  This delayed the disposition of the advertised items.

With the advent of this new web site, it's time to make an improvement upon that advertising system.

The new website has a "Forum" section in which one of the topics is a "buy/sell/swap" area.  Members can sign-on to the web site, and immediately place their notices in this section, and they are also then immediately available for viewing by anyone else who looks at the web site.   A member no longer has to go through a newsletter editor to get his notice posted, and there is no longer any delay in when those items can be seen by the general public.
The general public can view the buy/sell/swap section without being a member of HCC, but you must be a member of HCC to sign-on and post a notice in that section.  This way you get as wide an audience as possible for your notice.  There is even a "Views" counter, so you can see how many times someone has looked at your notice, so you have an idea of what kind of exposure your ad is receiving.

So, effective with this issue, the traditional monthly "Marketplace" listing will no longer be posted. 

For your buy, sell or swap needs, please go directly to that forum yourself, review the ads, and post your notices!
Here is a link so that you can jump directly to that forum now: Buy/Sell/Swap Forum

"Water is like a woman; sly and fickle."
- Strother Martin to John Wayne, in "Rooster Cogburn".