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Last Meeting Minutes

Date: August 11, 2010
Recorder: John Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting

Vice-Commodore Joe Coker called the meeting to order.

Officers were introduced, and visitors were introduced and welcomed.

There was no official Safety Minute, but Honey Leeven spoke of an incident when a kayak came through a car windshield (tie them up well and be careful with the ropes), and Harmon Everett spoke of an article on the internet on how to recognize a drowning victim (often very passive).

The program speakers were ex members Roy and Jan Edwards. Roy is an ex Commodore and Jan is an ex officer. They have retired and moved south close to the San Bernard River. The program included the history of the San Bernard and the efforts to keep it flowing into the Gulf.

John Ohrt stood in for Acting Fleet Captain Ken McDowell and gave the trip report. Past trips included the South Llano near Junction. Upcoming trips are a Pecos trip August 18, a Buffalo Bayou trip, the three day Labor Day Sabine trip with the Big Thicket Voyageurs and a pool session September 13th.

The Christmas party is scheduled for December 11th.

Joe Coker is working with Patti Carrothers of SW Paddlesports to organize a Safety Training class, and Joe is also working with Richard Long to organize a “meet and greet” type trip on Lake Charlotte.

It was announced that the club Facebook page is up and running and people are placing photos on it.

Paul Woodcock announced that 20 members are 90 days behind in their dues (please pay your dues).

Harmon Everett gave a financial report.

Moving to a new website hosted by Club Express was discussed. A motion was made and seconded to be voted on at the September meeting (please attend to vote):


“That the Houston Canoe Club adopt a new website, hosted by Club Express, using their content management specifically tailored to support club activities. HCC shall pay a one time set-up fee to Club Express of $150.00 to activate the new website, In consideration for hosting our website, the Houston Canoe Club agrees to pay Club Express 40 cents per active member per month and 20 cents per secondary member (spouses and children) per month. The start up fee shall be funded from the HCC membership enhancement fund. The monthly fees will be paid from the HCC general fund. HCC web content, our current membership contact list and non-member contact list will be available on a trial website located at from now until September 15. On or around September 15, 2010, the domain name “” will be transferred to the website hosted by Club Express. The current HCC website content, structure and programming will be archived for future reference by the HCC webmaster and will be unavailable to access from the internet."


The meeting was adjourned.

Please contact HCC's recorder, John Ohrt, if there are any omissions or corrections.