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Skill Levels

The following description of skill levels have been adapted for the rivers generally found in Texas. These references to rivers assumes a normal flow without excessive wind and do not apply at high flow rates.



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Never paddled before.

Familiarity with basic strokes and can make the boat go straight on flat water typically experienced on Armand Bayou, can maneuver the boat on slowly moving water, is aware of basic river safety and can confidently avoid hazards and strainers frequently experienced on Texas' Colorado River or the Buffalo Bayou at a modest flow rate.

Confidently execute basic strokes plus ability to manage high wind and high waves typically experienced on Lake Charlotte or Sheldon reservoir, can maneuver the boat on moving water plus familiarity with eddy turns, ferrying and surfing in Class 2 rapids typically found on the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers. Able to read the river and identify the eddy line.

Knowledge of basic whitewater safety, self-rescue and rescue such as retrieving a pinned boat. Able to capture small eddies, run Class 2 rapids confidently, but challenged by Class 3 rapids.

Paddles a white water boat (canoe or kayak) has mastered basic strokes and maneuvers, adept at playing & surfing, is able to run Class 3 rapids confidently, but challenged by Class 4. Able to self-rescue or Eskimo roll in Class 3 rapids and able to assist in rescues. Reads water quickly & accurately.

Able to paddle most Class 5 rapids successfully, can very reliably roll & self-rescue, possess strong rescue skills and is very adept at playing & surfing.

Extreme   The ultimate level of skill, knowledge & judgment acquired by years of paddling highly challenging rivers. Makes Class 4 rapids look easy, rarely makes a mistake in Class 5 or above.