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HomeNL-2023-04 8 race short course

Lake Charlotte Challenge

Short Course Description


Distance: 1.21 miles

Start: Cedar Hill Park

Finish: Touch the finish buoy, at Cedar Hill Park

Course: This is an out and back course!  Racers will cross Lake Charlotte to the WNW, from Cedar Hill Park to Sand Island (0.60 miles) by whatever line they wish. 

Racers will stay to the left of Sand Island and go around the island in a clockwise (right turn) direction.  A race official will be posted on the back side of Sand Island to assure that all racers complete the turn safely.

Racers will then be free to return to Cedar Hill Park by whatever line they wish.  Too finish, racers must touch the finish buoy with their paddle, hand or by bumping it with their boat.

Race Officials may change to race route if weather or water conditions dictate.

Charlotte Challenge Short Route

Other Information:  A Safety/sweep boat will accompany the racers and will be there to assist any racers needing help.  Remember, this is an open water crossing, so expect waves and perhaps a bit of chop.