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HomeNL-2023-04 8 race long course

Lake Charlotte Challenge

Long Course Description


Distance:  9.82 miles

Start:  Cedar Hill Park

Finish:  Touch the Finish Buoy at Cedar Hill Park

Course:  This is a loop course, starting and ending at Cedar Hill Park.  Segments of the race, corresponding to the race map, are as follows:

:  From Cedar Hill Park to Lake Pass.  This segment is 1.56 miles long and is an open water crossing on Lake Charlotte.  Racers may use any line they like across the lake, though the direct bearing is approximately 220 degrees (SSW).  There will be a safety boat posted at the entrance to Lake Pass to help orient racers. 

:  From Lake Pass to the Trinity River.  This segment is approximately 2.00 miles long and winds through the cypress swamps of the Trinity Delta.  Do not make any left turns off Lake Pass.  Continue all the way to the Trinity River and turn right.  The river is the only right turn.

:  Trinity River to the Sulfur cut.  This segment is approximately 3.31 miles long and is upstream against the current in the Trinity River.  While the current will slow you down a bit, generally it is easy to make headway by keeping close to the shoreline and taking advantage of the reduced current speed due to bank and bottom drag.  Continue to the Sulfur Cut, which is a wide channel opening on your right.  This location will be marked by a safety boat.

:  The Sulfur Cut and Mac Bayou.  This segment is approximately 2.35 miles long.  Racers will proceed the length of the Sulfur Cut to the turnaround buoy, which they will touch with their paddle, hand, or boat.  A race official will be monitoring the turnaround buoy to assure that all racers successfully touch the buoy.  Racers will then return on the Sulfur Cut to Mac Bayou and turn left (SSE) toward Lake Charlotte.  A race official will be stationed at the turn into Mac Bayou to assure that all racers make the turn.

:  This is the home stretch!  This segment is approximately 0.60 miles from the mouth of Mac Bayou across Lake Charlotte to the finish Buoy at Cedar Hill Park.  Racers are free to choose their best line across Lake Charlotte.  To finish, racers must touch the buoy with their paddler, hand or boat.

Charlotte Challenge Long Route

Other Information:  A Safety/sweep boat will accompany the racers and will be there to assist any racers needing help.  Additional race officials will be posted at Lake Pass, the Trinity River, the Sulfur Cut, the Turnaround Buoy, and Mac Bayou.  Remember, there are two open water crossings, so expect some waves and perhaps a bit of chop.  You are in what is essentially wilderness.  Stick to the course and don’t get lost!  Note that there are alligators, snakes, wasps, etc.  They are mostly just colorful additions to the race route and usually quite shy.  Even so, don’t tease the reptiles! 

In the event that you reach the Trinity River and decide that you are unable to continue against the current, inform the race official at the Trinity/Lake Pass intersection.  You will be directed to the Trinity River boat ramp on the west bank of the river (river right) immediately below the I-10 bridge.  Please call the race director and your shore crew, if you have them, to arrange to be shuttled back to Cedar Hill Park.


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