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HomeNL-2023-04 8 race rules

Lake Charlotte Challenge Race

  1. NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed at the launch site or on the course.
  2. NO participant will be allowed on the launch sit or course who appears to be under the
    influence of alcohol.
  3. NO firearms or other weapons will be allowed at the launch site or on the course.
  4. NO more than one (1) paddler in solo division or NO more than two (2) paddlers in any other
    division, in any participating boat.
  5. A signed general liability waiver will accompany each application, pertaining to his/her
    participation in this event. If participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian’s
    signature is required.
  6. ALL participants are required to have a US Coast Guard approved vest type life jacket in the
    boat for each person in the boat. Any participant ages 14 and under MUST WEAR
    their life jacket at all times.
  7. ALL participating boats will have at least one cell phone on board to communicate with race officials and their own shore crew.
  8. ONLY race participants and sweep boats will be allowed to launch or traffic the course.
  9. THERE is no early exit from the racecourse, except that if, upon entering the Trinity River (Approximately mile 3.5), a paddler determines that they are unable to continue the race they may turn downstream to the Trinity River I-10 boat ramp to exit. 
  10. NO aid will be given to or accepted by participants unless “emergency” help is requested.
  11. Deliberate blocking or obstruction of the course WILL NOT be tolerated.
  12. This is not a “team” activity (two or more canoes operating as a group). “Team” maneuvering to gain advantage of the course, disable or mislead another participant or block traffic will result in disqualification of all those involved. Such incidents should be reported as soon as possible.
  13. Portages are authorized along the course if deemed necessary to get around an obstacle, as long as there is no possible path on the water.  Note that portages are very unlikely.
  14. In Lake Pass and Mac Bayou, a slower boat WILL yield the right of way to a
    faster boat upon reasonable oral request. This will be done in a reasonable manner for safety.
  15. ALL boats must touch the buoys at the finish and at the turn around point in the Sulfur Cut for the 10-mile race.  You may touch with your paddle, your hand, or bump the buoy with your boat.
  16. ALL disqualified participants will forfeit any entry fees and be escorted off the course.
  17. Any Canoe class is required to be paddled with a single blade paddle. No kayak paddles.

  18. **In the event of inclement weather, the race may be postponed until a later dated determined by race officials or canceled. No refunds will be given.