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Education Corner
October 2020

"Paddlers and the Navigation Rules"
"How many of you have ever heard that paddle craft (vessels under oars according to the Navigation Rules) always have the right of way? I have heard that a number of times and have read it in many places. There is NO basis for that in the Navigation Rules. It isn’t written explicitly, and it is not implied anywhere. It is a myth and a potentially dangerous one at that..."
Complete story: 
"We’ve Been Sizing Kayak Paddles All Wrong"
"Shaft length sets the angle of the paddle during the forward stroke. In the forward stroke, you want the blade of the paddle fully immersed without burying the shaft underwater. This means a paddle with a longer shaft requires the blades placed farther from the centerline of the boat. If you’re trying to keep the blade close to the boat for a powerful forward stroke, you need a shorter paddle shaft..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Kayak Seaworthiness"
"Before you go out on your next paddle think about what seaworthy means as it applies to your kayak and yourself...  I believe when one goes on the water for a paddle both the boat and the paddler need to be seaworthy..."
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"9 Things To Know Before Buying A Tandem Kayak"
"If you’ve spent time around access points, you may have overheard seasoned kayakers dismissing tandems as being less than nimble on the water and more than heavy on land. What you might not have heard were the tandem paddlers out on the water in their spacious yet speedy designs. Ask them and they’ll tell you, tandems offer versatility to groups, possibility to families and a close connection for happy couples..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Sometimes What We’re Looking For Can’t Be Found In The Wilderness"
"After kayaking the B.C. coast for 80 days in 2002, returning to conventional life was not easy... I’d married, acquired a house and a dog, had two kids and spent too much time pining for waters not traveled... “Thinking about our trip makes me melancholy,” my expedition partner Dave lamented recently. “It was such an amazing time. I had this feeling like, ‘This is what’s real, this is what matters.’ And I look around at my life now, and the world that we live in, and I miss those days...”
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Required and Recommended Equipment for Paddlers"
"Paddlers often wonder what equipment they are required to have on board. I think it is useful to first understand that unless being used in a swim, beach or surf area, just about anything that can be used for transportation on the water is considered a vessel. As vessels, paddle craft will have to comply with the equipment carriage laws..."
Complete story: 
"Basic Kayak Strokes"
"Are you familiar with the 3 basic paddling strokes? Watch the video and take the quiz to find out!..."
Complete story: 
"How To Choose The Right Kayak For Your Child"
"Starting a family brings a world of changes. Priorities shift. Time is at a premium. Most look forward to a time when they can get out for a paddle with the whole family. At first this might be in a tandem kayak or canoe, but eventually, children are big enough they’re able to paddle their own boats. How do you choose the right kayaks to meet the needs of your paddling family? Read on..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Should You Secure Gear in a Canoe When Running Rapids?"
"Question: Should you tie everything into your canoe when you run rapids? Or, should gear be allowed to float free in a capsize?..."
Complete story: 
Complete story: web link