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Canoes in the News
October 2020
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Paddle The Bayous & Lakes Of Beautiful Houston"
"Deserts and dry weather may first come to mind when you think of Houston due to Texas’ southern position. However, this bustling metropolis abounds with paddling opportunities, from short beginner jaunts around its city parks to lengthy overnight trips along the Brazos River..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"City to Reopen Parks, River Access" (San Marcos, Texas)
"The City of San Marcos will reopen all public facilities, riverfront parks, neighborhood park playgrounds, athletic complexes, tennis and basketball courts on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 8 a.m..."
Complete story: 

"Blissful solitude by boat"
"A watercraft is a way to get outside while staying away from others. Boats offer natural social distancing. To see if the trend extended beyond my own circle, I called Steve Brownlee, the owner of Umiak Outdoor Outfitters, a Stowe, Vt., shop that caters to paddlers. 'We sold a year's worth of boats in a single week,' he told me, sounding incredulous. Interest outpaced anything he had seen in 45 years in the business. 'It's the biggest canoe resurgence since the movie 'Deliverance' came out,' he said..."
Complete story: 

"No charges will be filed in woman's drowning" (Iowa)
"Investigators said Friday that no charges will be filed in the June drowning death of a 21-year-old woman whose friends and family have pushed for more information about the case. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said recent University of Iowa graduate Makeda Serenity Scott drowned while boating with a co-worker on Lake MacBride in eastern Iowa. In a statement, the office said that Scott was not wearing a life jacket when she lost her balance and fell off the kayak into the water..."
Complete story: Clinton Herald 

"How Alaska’s Most Iconic Paddling Paradise Escaped Extinction" 
"From 1988 to 1993, the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers—two of the wildest and most gorgeous rivers in North America—teetered between remaining wild rivers and becoming piles of toxic rubble. Thanks to people I’ve never met, this is now one of the largest protected areas in the world..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Tugboat rescues capsized kayakers in Salish Sea" (Washington)
"Could just seven minutes separate the difference between life and death? For two kayakers this month, it just might have been the case. For two Washington kayakers, a series of unfortunate events led them into a particularly horrific set of circumstances: treading icy waters of the Salish Sea, watching their banana yellow tandem kayak capsize among swirling salty waves..."
Complete story:

"Hike the new Greens and Sims Bayou Greenways trails" (Houston)
"Greens Bayou and Sims Bayou have been freshly renovated as part of the Bayou Greenways 2020 Project. Other significant features include a renovated kayak launch improving access to Greens Bayou..."
Complete story: 

"Volunteers celebrate launch of handcrafted Algonquin canoe" (Ontario)
"A small gathering of volunteers stood on shore and watched as a handcrafted traditional Algonquin birch bark canoe slid into the waters of the Cataraqui River. The canoe was built by a rotating contingent of volunteers over the course of nearly three weeks under a tent in Fluhrer Park, a project directed by Algonquin knowledge-keeper Chuck Commanda..."
Complete story: Whig Standard

"Kayaks involved in 37% of Iowa fatal boat incidents" 
"When people shopping for kayaks and gear ask Eric Grodt, owner of Up a Creek kayak and canoe store, about his recommendation for the best life jacket, he tells them “the one you’re wearing.” That’s because kayaks skim close to the water’s surface and can tip easily. A paddler who has his or her life jacket in the bottom of the boat or tucked into the front rigging likely won’t be able to find it if the kayak flips, Grodt said. Kayaks were involved in 10 percent of boat incidents in Iowa over the last three years, but 37 percent of fatalities..."
Complete story: Gazette 

"When the pews are too close together, this church turns to kayaks" (Pennsylvania)
"The Sunday worship service began with a prayer thanking God for the chance to meet in a beautiful sanctuary. Then the pastor prayed that the service would encourage members’ hearts and provoke their imaginations — and that “if we get wet, let us have fun.” With that, the people of Faith United Church of Christ said, “Amen,” and launched their boats into the reservoir at Bald Eagle State Park. Welcome to Kayak Church...."
Complete story: Washington Post