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Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
September 9, 2020
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
  The September meeting of the Houston Canoe Club was held via Zoom, as will be the case for the foreseeable future. Our incomparable Vice-Commodore Christy Long filled in for the Commodore, as Ms. Wiest was off galavanting to the Boundary Waters, just in time for a serious cold front. Brr!

  Officers present were Ms. Long, Fleet Captain Bruce Bodson, Boatswain Alice Nissen, Newsletter Editor John Rich, and Recorder Frank Ohrt. Also present were Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Derby, with a popsicle stick, and Conservation Chair Tom Douglas. 

  Ms. Long moved that the minutes of the last meeting be approved as posted on the website. It was seconded and approved.

  Bruce Bodson
  Mr. Bodson gave the Fleet Captain’s report. There were four trips in August, plus some participation in the Neches River Rally. These, with their trip leaders and number of participants, were:

Aug. 8: Columbus Loop, Colorado River: Christy Long (6);
Aug. 15: Brazos River, US 79 to SH 21: Bruce Bodson (7);
Aug. 22: San Bernard River, Bates Allen Park, Kendleton: Bruce Bodson (16);
Aug. 29: Yegua Creek and Brazos River: Bruce Bodson (3).

  For the year to date, there have been 14 trips, and there are four members with 100+ miles paddled.

  Upcoming trips include:

Sept. 12: Brazos River, FM 979 to US 79: Bruce Bodson;
Dec. 27: Old River CBC: Bruce Bodson;
Jan. 2: San Jacinto Wilderness CBC: Bruce Bodson.

  Ms Nissen gave the Boatswain’s report. There were two guests at the meeting, Dottie and Scott Moore. There were three new members in August (Dennis Hogan, Tom Fowler, Richard Cunningham), and four so far in September (Matthew Forster, Mike Taylor, Dan Masingill, Gabe Hirsch). Welcome to the club, everyone.

  Purser Kent Walters had sent the officers his monthly report by email, so Ms. Long summarized it fir the members. We made about $0.50 in interest, and we’re in fine shape.

  Mr. Douglas gave a presentation on who is in charge of Texas rivers and streams, their water quality, and what the standards for their quality are. (Don’t look now, but the standard for water contact sports in Texas is 25-30 illnesses per 1,000 participants. If you are in the Buffalo Bayou Regatta, start counting your neighbors!)

  Bob Naeger announced the nominating committee for next year’s officers - himself, Joe Coker, and Tom Douglas. They will present a slate of candidates at the October meeting, and the members will vote on them at the November meeting. (Nominations by members can be made at any time.)

  Ms. Long introduced Trudi Smith, from the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, who spoke about the various projects, improvements, and events held along Buffalo Bayou from the Shepherd Street bridge downstream to the ship channel turning basin. Thank you, Trudi.

  There being no further business, Ms. Long adjourned the meeting.

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
September 2, 2020
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
  Commodore Natalie Wiest called the meeting to order. Present were Ms. Wiest, Vice Commodore Christy Long, Boatswain Alice Nissen, Fleet Captain Bruce Bodson, and Recorder Frank Ohrt. Purser Kent Walters “Zoomed” in briefly, but then faded out. Also present was Conservation Chair Tom Douglas.

  Ms. Wiest said that she would be out of town for the general meeting the following week, and that Ms. Long would host the meeting. There was discussion of how to do that on Zoom. Ms. Wiest then said that Joe Coker, Tom Douglas, and Bob Naeger constituted the Nominating Committee for next hear’s officers. Hopes were expressed that everyone would serve another year, since we’re all doing such a bang-up job. 

  Ms. Nissen reported three new members for August, and four for September. There was discussion of how to identify new members who were total beginners, so they didn’t go on trips that were beyond their skill level. Someone asked who was actually in charge of listing new members, and whether being listed depended on the club’s having received their membership payment. We all assumed that (1) it was Mr. Walters, and (2) we didn’t know.

  Mr. Douglas gave a practice run of his presentation on water quality in Texas streams. 

  Ms. Long announced that Trudi Smith would give the next meeting’s presentation, on the efforts of the (Buffalo) Bayou Preservation Association. The October speaker will be Marilyn Kirkus, and we don’t have a speaker for November. There was discussion of when and whether to have a Christmas Party this year. It was suggested that we might be able to “socially distance” if we had it outdoors. No decision was reached, as no one knows what the situation might be come Christmas.

  Mr. Bodson reported that there have been five official club trips, and there are four members with over 100 miles paddled. There have been 35 official and un-official trips this year, for a total of 284.5 miles. The details will be offered at the general meeting. Ms. Long asked about waivers and cash (send them to Kent!), and Mr. Bodson reminded trip leaders that Covid-19 waivers must be signed at every club trip. Ms. Wiest announced the Texas River Festival at Hidalgo Falls, and Ms. Long said she would put it on the trip calendar.

  Ms. Wiest brought up the issue of whether to donate to the Citizen’s Environmental Coalition. there was discussion, as there was the previous time it came up. Mr. Bodson said it would give the club good publicity. Mr. Ohrt suggested that he could send an email to all the officers, listing who we donate to and who we might add to the list, and ask for yes-or-no votes on each. No more endless circular discussion. 

  Ms. Wiest adjourned the meeting.

Board Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt