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Education Corner
December 2018

"7 Things To Know Before Buying A Used Canoe"
"Maybe you want to buy a used canoe instead of new because you are on a budget. Or perhaps you think you won’t use your canoe enough to warrant a brand new one, or you just aren’t sure what to buy. Whatever your reason, when buying a used canoe you must understand that not all canoes are created equal..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"Being Prepared for the Worst Scenario"
"Two days later/farther down river, we camped with a group of adults who had passed the college group. They told us everyone had arrived at the take-out safely though some were pretty miserable.  Naturally, we were relieved that no one had died from hypothermia.  The point is, that someone could have!  What disturbs me most is that my friends and I were super-prepared for the worst scenario..."
Complete story: 
"6 Most Important Skills For Beginner Canoeists"
"Learning how to canoe is an exciting journey that can open up vast areas of wilderness for a lifetime of adventures. The details in learning this vast skill can be overwhelming and challenging. What is a bow-rudder? Why are soloists kneeling backwards in a tandem canoe? Make your learning process simple by beginning with these five basic skills before you move onto more advanced areas and techniques..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"Canoe Anatomy: Can You Name Every Part On Your Canoe?"
"Whether you are completely new to canoeing or an enthusiastic novice who wants to brush up, knowing all the parts of the canoe will make you a more knowledgeable paddler. It will also help you make better decisions when purchasing a new or used canoe and provide a foundation for you to learn from..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"Choosing The Best Canoe Paddle"
"Figuring out the best paddle for you is about understanding different designs and materials, but also about how the paddle actually feels as you move through the water. Follow our guide below to help you buy the paddle that works best for you..."
Complete story: web link
"Top 5 Tips For Paddling With Kids"
"In this episode of Paddling with Kids, Ken Whiting offers his top five tips for paddling with children, including picking a place to paddle, the importance of making time to explore and wearing lifejackets..."
Video: Adventure Kayak 
"How To Share The Waterways"
"As summer gets closer and more boats are hitting the water, it is important for everyone on the water to be aware of others sharing the waterway. The United States Coast Guard has issued Marine Safety Alert 04-17, a shared waterway alert. The safety alert arose from a recent accident involving a passenger ferry and a group of kayakers on a busy metropolitan waterway..."
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