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Canoes in the News
December 2018
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Anglers happy they switched from bass boats to kayaks" (West Virginia)
"It’s natural for a bass fisherman — especially one who wants to compete in tournaments — to yearn for a big, shiny bass boat. Lately, however, anglers have started moving in the opposite direction. Bass-boat owners are downsizing to kayaks. “I honestly don’t think there are any drawbacks to a kayak,” said Dewey Robinson, who made the switch in 2016 and hasn’t looked back..."
Complete story: WV Gazette Mail 

"Landowner donates 1 acre to build portage around dam" (Indiana)
"A local landowner has donated 1 acre of property along the Wildcat Creek to allow a nonprofit group to build a portage around one of the most dangerous sections of the 84-mile-long waterway that runs through Kokomo..."
Complete story: Kokomo Tribune 

"Empty Kayak Prompts Search at Pond" (Iowa)
"Emergency crews were called out to a park on the south side of Des Moines after a kayak was found in the middle of an iced-over pond. Just before 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, a passerby called in after seeing a kayak in an icy pond at McCrae Park..."
Complete story: WHO TV 

"Dallas man dies after falling at Big Bend National Park" (Texas)
"A Dallas man is dead after sustaining a fall while at Big Bend National Park. Edward Lowe, 69, was on a five-day river trip through Boquillas Canyon with four other people. According to the National Park Service, Lowe fell while scouting a campsite about a mile downstream from the mouth of the canyon..."
Complete story: News West 9 

"Officials crack down on small boats anchored off Sausalito" (California)
"About 250 boats in the water off Sausalito belong to people who appear to be living on the vessels but are unwilling or unable to pay $1,000 or more per month to tie up at a marina berth. Boaters who rent slips at high-end Sausalito marinas complain that many of the boaters paddle ashore in kayaks and rowboats to use the marina restrooms..."
Complete story: 

"Man works to restore his father’s 73 year old canoe" (Connecticut)
"My father painted it red soon after buying it. And he would use that canoe every summer for the next four decades. It was one of his prize possessions. He taught his children how to paddle it. While on camping trips in the Adirondacks, he would get up early and head out to go fishing..."
Complete story: Fox 61 

"Judge Rules That A Canoe Is A Vessel" (location)
"The trial of the man accused in the death of 8 year old Thomas Rancourt continues after a judge determined the definition of a canoe yesterday. The judge hearing the case, ruled that a canoe is a vessel and the charges against David Sillars will stand. Sillars is charged with impaired operation of a vessel causing death..."
Complete story: 

"Series of errors in kayak accident that killed dad, 3 kids" (Wisconsin)
"A Wisconsin DNR investigative report reveals a series of errors by the family who tipped their kayak in Lake Superior near Madeline Island in late August, leading to the deaths of the three children and their father. Their mother survived..."
Complete story: Fox 9 

"Volunteers, kayakers perform rainy rescue of pelican" (Illinois)
" It was a freshwater rodeo in Alton on Sunday morning as kayaking cowboys corralled a wily waterfowl to begin the bird’s journey to the Wild West..."
Complete story: