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The Nominating Committee Wants You!
Sept 2018
by Honey Leveen

Do you love HCC? I hope you’ll consider showing that love by serving on our 2019 Board of Directors.

I’m very pleased to announce the following officers will continue in their positions next year:

Kent Walters: Purser
Natalie Wiest: Fleet Captain
Paul Woodcock: Boatswain
Frank Ohrt: Recorder
John Rich: Newsletter Editor

Ann Derby will remain as Sergeant at Arms, but she needs an assistant. If you can help hook up our laptop and projectors, and get Power Point presentations ready before each meeting, this would be a great service to HCC. Please let me or Christy Long know.

Our Vice Commodore, Alice Nissen, is stepping down, after doing a fabulous programming job for us this past year.

Unfortunately, I must step down as Commodore.

HCC’s Commodore and Vice-Commodore positions need nominees.

The Vice-Commodore’s biggest job is to procure programs for club meetings. Alice will leave her position with some programs already booked for 2019. We will all give the new Vice Commodore guidance and leads.

My main job as Commodore is to preside over monthly board and general meetings. After a while it’s pretty easy. We have a friendly crowd at HCC meetings. A few times I was out of town during meetings; other members took over for me. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed serving. I will do everything I can to ensure a smooth transition for the new board.

Speaking from many years of experience as an HCC Board member, I can attest that those wishing to serve the club will find HCC’s business affairs in very good order. Our board members are fun to be with. We all like each other and serve together as a team. You’ll have plenty of support in your transition and throughout the year.

If you would more information about any board position, please call me at 713-988-4671, Christy Long at 281-415-8087, or speak to any HCC Board member.

Commodore, Honey Leveen