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Canoes in the News
July 2018
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Litter on the San Marcos River after Memorial Day weekend was 'worse than ever'" (San Marcos, TX)
"Memorial Day weekend on the San Marcos River has come and gone but a video spreading through Central Texas showing trash floating in the water has brought the issue of litter on the river back to the surface. Tom Goynes, president of the Texas Rivers Protection Association, shared the footage, which he said shows aluminum cans collected at the bottom of the river as a result of the Memorial Day weekend floating festivities..."
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"Woodlands opts to bring in swan boats" (Woodlands, TX)
"With the popular Waterway Cruisers out of action indefinitely after an unsuccessful recovery from Hurricane Harvey, officials in The Woodlands Township approved on Tuesday a plan to bring an alternate form of water-center fun to Lake Woodlands and the Waterway area.  In a 4-0 vote, the township’s Board of Directors approved the purchase of about a dozen “swan boats..."
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"Labeling kayaks to save first responders time, money" (New York)
"There’s a way to help out first responders from wasting their time and resources before going out in a kayak or canoe this summer.In the past few years, the Quaker Springs Fire Department has responded to multiple rescue calls where no one was ever in danger. Many people leave their kayak or canoe unmarked and simply tied to a dock at the end of the day. But doing so comes at a risk..."
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"Canoe controversy as owners question state's evictions" (Hawaii)
"The state says it's going to impound canoes and catamarans that are illegally stored at Lanikai Beach. It tagged about 100 for removal. Canoes are considered to be part of Hawaiian history, and they've been part of the landscape at Lanikai Beach for generations, but on Friday, notices to vacate have been taped on..."
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"Man dies after an underwater sinkhole creates dangerous whirlpool" (Arkansas)
"Arkansas wildlife officials are urging boaters to avoid a section of a river in the northern part of the state after a sinkhole opened up and created a dangerous whirlpool that led to a man's death..."
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"Man attempts kayak escape, charged with boating under the influence" (Florida)
"A 51-year-old Florida man kayaking without a life jacket attempted to paddle away from a Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer who asked that he come to shore when the lack of the personal flotation device was noted, according to an arrest report..."
Complete story: Palm Beach Post) 

"Minneapolis Launches Kayak-Sharing System" (Minnesota)
" Minneapolitans are familiar with bike-sharing programs, but now the city has its first kayak-sharing system.The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board says the Mississippi River Paddle Share program launched over the Memorial Day weekend. Officials describe it as a state-of-the-art system that offers users the chance to paddle the Mississippi while avoiding the logistical hassle of river riding..."
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"Father, sons finish canoe trip 43 years later" (Canada)
"In the summer of 1974, Alan and his brother, Andy, built canoes and with a group of five friends, they spent three months paddling 800 miles up Western Canada’s Inside Passage. They were some of the first people in modern history to make the trip by canoe from Vancouver to Alaska..."
Complete story: San Diego Union Tribune