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Champion Lake Scout
April 27, 2018
byTom Douglas

In preparation for the planned April 29 outing to Champion Lake, Ann Andrisek, Ken McCormick, and Tom Douglas went out to scout for the best route. Starting from the lake’s boat ramp, we headed west, along the southern shore of the lake. Soon, we could see that the originally preferred route would not be workable because it wouldn’t be possible to skirt the shallows created by sediment from Big Caney Creek without being pushed unacceptably close to a very large bird rookery. So, we headed back south and east until we found a clear path up into the cypress swamp. We could see that several of the numbered locations, designated by the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge for hunting during duck season, could serve us well, both for navigation and for scenery. One spot along Big Caney Creek had to be crossed off our list, since it was being zealously guarded by a VERY large alligator. Having completed scouting for the morning part of the group paddle, we went over to check out conditions along the route for the planned afternoon paddle. By the time that was done, we had covered around 12 miles: nearly twice the length of the trip that the larger group would do on April 29. We departed for home somewhat tired, but with vivid memories of thousands of white ibises and one VERY large gator. 

by Tom Douglas
by Ann Andrisek
by Ann Andrisek 
by Ken McCormick
by Ken McCormick
   Sunning Snake,
by Ken McCormick
Comparing Notes,
by Ann Andrisek
  Bugs on Board,
by Ken McCormick
  Where We Scouted,
by Tom Douglas

The author, Tom Douglas