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HomeNL-2018-05 San Bernard

San Bernard River
April 26, 2018
by Steven Page

Put in point: Hansen boat ramp near Hansen Riverside County Park on TX 35

Take out point: Same

Distance 5.5 miles

Attendees: Steven Page (leader), Roger Hathron, Sharon (Carr) Brewer, Crystal Aguago, and Malcom LeFevre

We put in at the boat ramp at 9:15 and paddled 2.5 mi. upstream to the dam. The dam is where Phillips 66 pumps water out of the San Bernard for use at the Sweeny Refinery. Due to the rains two day previously, the San Bernard had a perceptible flow, USGS recorded it at 3.5 FPM where normal recorded velocity is close to zero. Except for one jon boat there was no river traffic and we enjoyed the scenic beauty of the river with no background noise. Wildlife was sparse. Animals observed were; a few turtles, some very skittish snowy egrets, cardinals, and some distant herons. Trot lines were abundant.

Upon reaching the dam we searched for possible portages to bypass the dam. While there was an easy take out on river right at the pumping station there was not an easy path around the dam. On river left there is a path around the dam but here is a ledge about 2’ to get over to put in. After surveying and taking into account time we decided to return. Down stream of the dam approximately 0.25 miles there is a creek entering on river right. We were able to go upstream for approximately 0.2 miles until forced to return. The fish in the stream were abundant.

Lunch was eaten on a mud bank and Sharon tried her luck with fishing. She was not successful. We reached the boat ramp at 1:30.

Steven Page

The author, Steven Page