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Armand Bayou
March 24, 2018
by Christy Long

25th Annual Trash Bash

3 miles
Low Tide
75 degrees, cloudy all day

The Annual Trash Bash is a city wide event and many sites are cleaned this day. At the Armand Bayou site, buses took participants to areas along the bayou outside of the park. My Granddaughter and her Girl Scout troop took a bus to a middle school and picked up trash.

Here is an excerpt from the website:

Clean It Like You Mean It!
Every year, thousands of volunteers gather along Texas waterways to do their part in cleaning up the environment by participating in the largest, single-day waterway cleanup in the state of Texas, the River, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous Trash Bash®.
In 2018, Trash Bash will celebrate its 25th consecutive cleanup, an accomplishment that dedicated volunteers should be proud of. Want to help? Click the link below to learn more about Trash Bash® 2018.

The Houston Canoe Club had ten people help with the cleanup by boat and two by land. Steve Long, Allison Sessions, Jason Sessions, Katelyn Sessions, Julie Sessions, Holly Sessions, Jacob Albin, Brooke Albin, Amy McGee, Alice Nissen, Dan Roy, Christy Long.

The tide was out, exposing a mud beach along the banks, making it hard to get to the trash. But we found that paddling hard and sliding up the mud beach would allow us to get close. One canoe had a real system going; with the bow and stern paddlers positioning the boat so the young girls in the middle could reach the trash with grabbers or by getting out on the beach.

Alice Nissen (right) made friends at the bank.

Jacob (left), Julie, Holly (sitting) picked up several bags of trash with their very efficient method.

Allison with three others paddlers heading for the beach along the bank

Allison getting an education about snakes at one of the booths at Trash Bash.

Here, Dan is registering for the Trash Bash and collecting his gloves and bags.

Dan had got onto the bank and sunk knee-deep.

Christy Long