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Newsletter Contributors
January, 2018
John Rich

I would like to take this moment to recognize those who contributed stories to the newsletter in 2017, for without them, there would be no newsletter.  It is only because of these people who are willing to take the time to share their stories with the rest of us, that we have a information-filled issue each month.

HCC 2017 Story Contributors
Name                         Number
Natalie Wiest 12
Harmon Everett
Kent Walters   9
Leonard Hulsebosch   9
Tom Douglas
Christy Long
Julie Hammond   3
John Anderson   1
Mark Andrus   1
Bob Naeger
Frank Ohrt
Conan Tigard
Paul Woodcock   1
And as you can see, the winner this year is once again Natalie Wiest!  Now that she is retired, she has the time to write about her busy paddling life. Harmon Everett has not only written trip reports, but contributes many monthly "Safety Minutes".  Kent Walters, Tom Douglas, Christy Long and Julie Hammond have all contributed multiple stories.  And Leonard Hulsebosch is contributing stories from the grave, with reprints of his 30-year-old articles which are still valid today.
And let's not forget those who contribute each month in the performance of their duties as club officers, and those numbers aren't included above.  Frank Ohrt produces the "Meeting Minutes" every month for both the Board meetings and the Membership meetings. Ann Derby has contributed the "Next Meeting Announcement" about our upcoming feature programs, and Paul Woodcock sponsors the "Membership Report" each month.

Thanks to one and all for providing me the material to fill the newsletter each month, to keep the membership informed of club activities.  Keep it up!  And let's hear from some more of you out there too...

Newsletter Editor, John Rich