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Historic Buffalo Bayou
1840 to 1912

The following are a few historic photos of Houston's Buffalo Bayou.  Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.

The photos are from the George Fuermann Texas And Houston Collection / University Of Houston.  You can see more of these historic Houston photos, here.

This engraving was based on an 1840s sketch of Houston made by a British artist, used by land speculators in Europe to attract entrepreneurs and investors to Houston. Obviously Houston looked a lot different in person.

1850: Photograph of a printed engraving depicting a view on the bayou at Houston. Large trees are leaning over the water as two men paddle a small boat in the stream.

1890: Photograph of a printed engraving of Buffalo Bayou at the head of Navigation. Three people are in a rowboat in the water. A loaded barge is on the bayou before a background of other boats and numerous buildings along the bank, illustrating this active transportation point for Houston.

1890: Photograph of a printed engraving of the International & Great Northern Railroad bridge over Buffalo Bayou. A barge laden with cotton bales is being towed in the bayou.

1890: A large pavilion in Magnolia Park along Buffalo Bayou.

1900: A group of boys lounge on the bank of an unidentified swimming hole.

1900: A large group of African-American spectators stands on the banks of Buffalo Bayou to witness a baptism. Many umbrellas are present indicating an effort to provide some shade from the heat of the day.

1908: Long Reach, Buffalo Bayou, near Houston, Texas

1910:  A view across the waters of Buffalo Bayou toward the opposite bank with several boats moored.

1912: A barge party on Buffalo Bayou at Morgan's Point with boats of different sizes in the water: a large barge, a mid-size yacht and several canoes. Unidentified people are in the boats and a large crowd of people is visible on top of the opposite bank where a train can be seen.