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Mac Bayou and Mac Lake with the HASK Sea Kayakers
March 26, 2017
by Natalie Wiest

Bob Scaldino led a trip for the HASK group on March 26 and I was pleased to join them (I’m a member of both HASK and HCC) in my canoe; friend Marilyn Kircus for additional paddle power and my daughter Ellen in her usual role as ballast.

As you can see, the cypress trees were just leafing out with their finest spring green Also noteable from the natural world, more baby alligators than I’d ever seen in that area. They were sunning in at least three different areas, three at once in one spot.

We paddled across Mac Bayou and to Mac Lake, with a side trip to “Little Mac Lake”.

And here is Tim Garber in front of a veritable jungle of cypress knees.

At the head of the lake I spotted a jigging (if I’m using the right term) float moving about and Tim pulled it up to reveal a nice catfish on the line.

There were also quite a few duck blinds back in there that I hadn’t noticed before. This one looked particularly luxurious, at least as far as duck blinds go.

Heading back across Lake Charlotte to the put-in/take-out at Cedar Hill was a bit daunting for the three of us in the canoe as a fairly stiff southerly wind had come up and I got quite a workout pushing us across the lake. The extra effort of course was well worth it as chef Chris Arceneaux cooked up a marvelous repast of boiled crawfish with all the fixin's. An excellent day on the water and at the picnic table!


- Natalie Wiest

The author, Natalie Wiest