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Trash Bash on Armand Bayou 
March 25, 2017
by Christy Long

Partly cloudy and then Full Sunshine
High Tide at 8:52am
March 25, 2017 
Start time 7:30, Finish time 1:00
Trash Bash Site Locations

There were five boats, and ten participants representing the Houston Canoe Club at the Trash Bash. Amy McGee, Fran Wilcox, and Tim Gerber paddled solo in kayaks.

Christy Long, Jessica Albin (my Daughter), Jacob Albin (grandson),
and Julie Sessions (granddaughter) paddled together in an Alumacraft canoe.

Natalie Wiest, Marilyn Kircus, and Ellen Shipman paddled together in a canoe.

The club met at 7:30 am to off-load boats and register for the Trash Bash. The registration was quick and we were ready to launch by 8:30. Amy, Tim, and Natalie’s Crew launched and started working the banks.

Amy and her boat.

Fran, Jessica, Jacob, and I waited for Julie to arrive. Allison, my daughter, brought Julie to paddle with me. She, Jason (her husband) and my other two granddaughters walked along the banks and picked up trash.

We were paddling by 9:00 am. Jacob is nine years old and this was his second on-the-water cleanup. Julie is five-years old and it was her first on-the-water cleanup. Both children were naturals at spotting trash and worked together to get the trash in the proper bag. They learned that some trash is recyclable and some not.

Fran getting ready for the day.

Fran Wilcox launched with my family and our boats paddled in the same area. She pulled a giant plastic planter out of the water with the help of a person on the bank. The planter had to be four foot in diameter. It was real teamwork.

We noticed a Lady Bug on Fran’s shirt.

The weather was a bit troublesome in the morning. Around 9 o’clock big thunderclouds rolled in and around 9 45 two loud crashes of thunder sounded. Fran and I paddle back to the launch site and we all got off of the Bayou. Allison, took Jacob and Julie to the lunch area. The sky cleared in 10 minutes so Fran, Jessica and I went out for another hour.

Christy, Jessica, Jacob, Katelyn, Julie

When we got to the lunch area, the music was jumpin' and everyone got in line for a hot dog. I had two chili cheese dogs, chips, cookies, and a Coke. A couple of the kids in my family had the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We sat on the ground in the shade and listened for our number to be called in the raffle. It was fun and I was happy to be part of it.


The author, Christy Long