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2015 Web Site Visits
February, 2016
John Rich

With the beginning of a new year, it's time once again to check and see how active our web site has been on the internet.  These numbers come from a Club Express report, our web site host.  And here are the results:

This averages to about 200 web site visits per day, and 6,000 per month!
How does this compare to previous years?  Here are the numbers starting with 2011, the first full year of having our web site with the Club Express host.
So, while web visits are down a little this year, they are still double what they were just three years ago, and our web presence remains very strong.  
The monthly newsletter has a lot to do with that.  Every single article or trip report in the newsletter is one web page, and we have about a dozen of those each month, or about 140 per year.  All of those web pages are accessible by internet searches with Google or other search engines.  And the more new activity a web site has, the higher those pages appear in the search results.  So, when anyone, anywhere in the world, searches the internet for anything to do with canoeing or kayaking in the Houston area, they are likely to get a list containing multiple items from the HCC web site!  Try it for yourself and see... 

The author,John Rich