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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Out-of-towners must now pay $2 for access to Comal River in New Braunfels"
 (New Braunfels, TX)
"Tourists heading to New Braunfels for recreation in the Comal River will be greeted by fee-collecting kiosks before they’re granted permission to access the river within city limits.  The kiosks were approved on Monday during a New Braunfels City Council meeting, detailing the two trailers, which would house wristband-issuing cashiers..."
Complete story: Chronicle

"For Sale: T G Canoes & Kayaks" (San Marcos, TX)
"After 30 years of enjoyment, introducing well over 100,000 people to the pleasure of canoeing and kayaking the San Marcos River and beyond, Evelyn and I (Tom Goynes) are considering selling our canoe/kayak rental business..."
Complete story: Facebook

"7 Deadly Sins, The most common mistakes of wilderness canoeists"
"After paddling North America's lakes and rivers for more than 60 years, author and adventurer Cliff Jacobson has unfortunately seen it all.  In his own words, America's renowned canoeing authority shares seven of the most common - and dangerous - mistakes he sees on the water..."
Complete story: Canoeroots Magazine

"Extremely rare turtle discovered in Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"When I first heard the report, I was like, Are you sure? And when we saw all the distinctive characteristics, we're like, It is an alligator snapping turtle. The alligator snapping turtle was threatened in Texas and thought to be extinct in Harris County until recently. One was found in Buffalo Bayou..."
Complete story: KHOU

"Boy Scouts Documenting Wildlife on Buffalo Bayou Make Unexpected Find" (Houston, TX)
"A group of Boy Scouts researching wildlife on Buffalo Bayou came across a sad scene on a sandy bank opposite the Arboretum last Saturday, Jan. 30. On a sandy south bank below a high-rise parking lot, the group encountered something surprising: the corpse of what appeared to be an otherwise healthy beaver...."
Complete story: Save Buffalo Bayou

Texas Rivers Protection Association
The spring issue of the TRPA newsletter can be viewed here. (pdf document)  Topics: The TRPA election, Another dam gone, Tuber task force, Nuisance lawsuit, News, San Marcos, Brazos and Medina River clean-ups, Hidalgo Falls festival, and the TRPA annual meeting.
Entry contributed by Tom Goynes.

"Bridge Access Bill Before Washington Legislature" (Washington State)
"As part of our work to protect and promote access to public waterways, American Whitewater is pursuing a bill (Senate Bill 6363 and House Bill 2660) in the Washington State legislature to require an evaluation of providing public access for state highway projects that include construction of a bridge across a navigable waterway..."

Something to emulate in Texas?
Complete story: American Whitewater
Entry contributed by Frank Ohrt.

"Police Rescue Three After Canoe Capsizes" (Westport, CN)
"Three men whose canoe capsized in the waters of Long Island Sound off Cockenoe Island were rescued by the Westport Police Department's Marine Division. All were wearing lifejackets at the time their boat tipped over, police said..."
Complete story: Daily Voice

"Search continues after plane crash off Long Island" (Port Jefferson, NY)
"Fighting frigid water temperatures and racing against the clock, officers grabbed anything they could to try to rescue three men who were aboard a small plane that crash-landed in the Long Island Sound, less than a mile off the New York shoreline. The officers commandeered kayaks from houses along the shore and began paddling out into the harbor, using their flashlights to guide them toward the voices crying for help..."
Complete story: Chronicle