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HCC Newsletter
October, 2002

Newsletter, 589k Pdf document, click the image below: 

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2002
The meeting was called to order. Officers present were Commodore Fraser Baker, Recorder, Marilyn Peery, Purser Kevin Casement, Fleet Captains John and Cindy Bartos, and Governors Candy Donahue and Bill Grimes .

Due to lack of a quorum, there were no minutes from the September meeting. Bill Grimes reported that items informally discussed included whether the on-line newsletter should be available to non-members, the apparent decline in membership and the need for paddling instruction.

Tom Goynes will present the October program on the state of Texas rivers. Diane Wassernich will present the November program on the San Marcos River Foundation’s effort to keep water in the San Marcos.

Upon Randall Nord’s resignation, John and Cindy Bartos will serve the remainder of his term as fleet captain. They will be recruiting trip leaders and participants. They suggested a possible get-together of former trip leaders to plan trips and plan to focus on trip participants as future trip leaders. A possible Wings Over Houston trip was suggested. Bill may lead a Thanksgiving trip. John and Cindy want to resurrect the 100 mile paddler recognition and will come back with ideas at the November meeting. The awards should be made at the February meeting.

Kevin reported that last month we took in $45.00 and spent $178.01 for a net loss of $178.01 and a balance of $25,93.07. It was decided to continue our past policy that new memberships received in October, November and December receive credit for the following year.

A letter was received from the post office stating that documentation of our non-profit status is needed.
The IRS papers are in the corporate book. Jim Null should send them a copy of our charter and the IRS determination letter.

The ACA is still interested in doing Rendezvous. Pam Dillon is the new director. The new board will meet soon to discuss the matter. The National Freestyle Competition will be held here next October, whether or not there is a Rendezvous.

A chairman is needed for the Christmas party. John will call the health club to see if and when it is available. Tracy Caldwell, Sharon Anderson or Anne and John Olden were mentioned as possible chairmen.

The October newsletter is in the mail.

Membership renewal reminders should go out early in December.

John Bartos distributed a Resolution to Support Principles for Protecting Texas’s Water Resources sponsored by the Lone Star Sierra Club. They are asking for our support. This will be brought up at the general meeting. Bob Arthur is serving on the Texas River Conservation Advisory Board which advises Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on river issues. It was suggested that we ask Bob for a report on that meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Peery