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HCC Newsletter
November, 2000

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2000
Meeting commenced at 7:15 p.m. Introduction of Officers.
Visitors introduce themselves: Marcel Azar from Florida, Carol Millist from Louisiana, Eden, Chuck Montif, Bobby Menesca from New York, Jim Berry, Jack & Teresa Rhodes, Dave & Lisa Holfer, Thomas & Amy Williams, Natalia Sordkina from Russia.
Short Paddling Tips by Mary Carter. “Loading of Kayaks”
Announcements: Rendezvous
T-shirts still for sale. See Loni for details New $10.00, Old $5.00.
Rivers and Rapids – a few left $15.00 each. See Cindy Bartos to buy one.
Petition against threat of Canoe Registration reviewed.
Christmas Party – Tracy has a sign up sheet to bring food, covered dish, desserts, etc.
Commodore reviews option to forgo the December HCC meeting since there will be a Christmas party. Club members agree to not have a December General meeting.
Rendezvous 2001 – No chairperson. Need approval for 2001.
Campsites – Bob Arthur reviews and discussion. Motion to reserve all campsites if payment schedule can be worked out. 2nd by Donald. Motion approved and carried by vote in show of hands.
Natalia Sordkina show a little about Russia trip to try to put together a trip for July. Must think about now. Trip cost would be approximately $3,000.00 per person.
Fleet Captain Report: Bill Grimes. Invites group to share in discussion of recent trip reports. Sheldon Lake clean up was a success.
Business Meeting – Minutes from October were accepted as read.
Purser Report – Grady Hicks reports HCC has about 235-members year to date. He provided a hand out on profit/loss statement.
Nominating Committee – Reviewed current nominees. Chet Tigard moved to accept those nominated for the new officer positions. Donald 2nd.
Vice Commodore Report – Candy Donahue discussed the donation for Red Cross. She made a motion that the club donates $500.00 plus match any funds donated tonight and at the Christmas party. Ann Derby 2nd the motion. The motion was voted and carried by show of hands. Also requested that the money be designated to go to small boat water program.
Program – Glacier Bay by Natalie Weist.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
Minutes submitted by, Carla McCabe, Recorder