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HCC Newsletter
December, 2001

Newsletter, 792k Pdf document, click the image below: 
2001 Dec NL

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore Fraser Baker. Present were Recorder Marilyn Peery, Purser Candy Donahue, Newsletter Editor Donna Grimes, Fleet Captain Cheryl Cleary, Governors Mark Andrus and Bill Grimes, and members Jim Null, Kevin Casememt, John Bartos, Tracy Caldwell and Randall Nord.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Tracy reported on plans for the Christmas party. She is expecting about 100 people. The club will provide meat and drinks and members will bring side-dishes and dessert. A draft of the program was presented.

Cheryl Cleary has figured the mileage for club trips for this year and will have the final results at the general meeting in January. There were 32 trips this year. Awards were discussed. We could use the small paddles we have on hand. Presentations will probably be made at the February meeting. Cheryl can’t come to the party so Randall will ask members to report on trips.

Candy Donahue gave the purser’s report. She said that a total of $690 was donated to the Red Cross. Of this, $185 was a check from HCC to cover the cash collected from members at the meeting. The remainder was in the form of checks from individual members. Rendezvous currently shows a loss of about $4,928 but we have not received the refund for park reservations. Jim will call the state about this. We need a new stamp since the bank was changed. Candy and Kevin will get together to coordinate the transfer of records.

Jim reported on Rendezvous plans for next year. He thinks Chet Tigard might be chairman. Fraser will call him. The Rendezvous committee will be appointed by the commodore. Jim will assist with site and exhibitors. There has been no response to the letter sent to the ACA. Fraser will call Charlie Wilson about it. It was suggested that HCC officers review Rendezvous expenses to see if recommendations should be made for next year.

Donna reported on the membership committee. She will ask the five members of the committee if they want to continue next year or wish to be replaced. She will also prepare a list of people to staff the new member’s table. It was suggested that renewal applications be sent out by e-mail as well as in the newsletter.

Get-well cards for Rheda Boardman and Robert Scheffler were signed. It was suggested that we have large papers at the party where members could send their messages and enclose these with the cards.

Donna questioned the sales tax we are paying on newsletter printing. Mark will look into the tax status and the paperwork required for getting it tax free. Donna also wants to do a new section in the newsletter called “From the Helm” starting in January with a “state of the club” message from the commodore. Officers will contribute for the column each month.

A copy of the letter sent to TNRCC concerning the San Marcos River was presented. A form to guide members in writing their own letters was not available at the last meeting. Mary will be asked to have one at the January meeting.

Bill Grimes presented an inventory of club property in the storage shed and at member’s homes. In addition to those reported, Marilyn Peery has:
  • past minutes and correspondence
  • club stationery
  • 3 boxes of old membership cards
  • HCC PO Box address stamp and a non-profit mailing stamp with ink pad
  • an electric stapler and some staples
  • big bag of rubber bands
  • old newsletters from 1980-1990
  • Rendezvous shepherd sashes and badges
A request for a donation was received from the Bayou Preservation Association. Jim Null moved that we send them $100. The motion passed.

A request for funds and/or equipment was received from a YMCA in San Antonio for Hammond Ranch on the Medina River. It was decided to ignore this request.

Fraser is developing a set of operating procedures for running the club to assist new officers. It will include a packet outlining the duties of each officer.

The January officer’s meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 2 pending availability of a room at the Red Cross.

Marilyn Peery