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The Houston Canoe Club 

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HomeNL-2001-09 Newsletter

HCC Newsletter
September, 2001

Newsletter, 681k Pdf document, click the image below: 
2001 Sep NL

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2001
HCC Officers present: 
Fraser Baker, Lillian Tigard, Donna Grimes, Candy Donahue, Mary Carter, Mark Andrus, Bill Grimes.  Not in attendance: Marilyn Peery and Cheryl Cleary

Approval of Minutes of previous meeting was deferred until next meeting.

Cindy Bartos agreed to take minutes in the absence of the Recorder.

Nominating Committee announced for 2001 – 2002 HCC officers:
Anne Olden, Chet Tigard, Mary Zaborowski, Mark Andrus (current HCC governor) and Bill Grimes (current HCC governor)

Donna Grimes announced the place and date for the 2001 HCC Christmas party:
Northwest Fitness Center; December 8, 2001

Trip Report conducted by John Bartos (due to absence of Fleet Captain)

Candy Donahue made a motion that a letter be sent from the Houston Canoe Club to Mr. Mark Kramer at the Armand Bayou Nature Center in support of a grant application that would fund various activities at Armand Bayou. This would include projects such as a canoe trail, replacing the floating dock at Bay Area Park and placement of interpretive signs promoting the Armand Bayou Coastal Preserve. Seconded. Motion passed.

Pursers Report: Candy Donahue

Candy Donahue made a motion change the club bylaws to increase the Houston Canoe Club’s yearly membership dues to $25 (for both new and previous members). Motion passed by more than the requisite 2/3 of the members present.

Rendezvous Report: Jim Null

Jim Null made the motion for the HCC to give the Southwestern Canoe Rendezvous $13,000 advance money to be repaid at the conclusion of the Rendezvous. Seconded. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn.