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HCC Newsletter
July, 2001

The July newsletter was combined with June for a dual June-July issue,
which can be found under "June" in the newsletter index.

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
July 2, 2001
The meeting was called to order. Officers present were Commodore Fraser Baker, Recorder, Marilyn Peery, Purser Candy Donahue, and Governors Mary Carter, Mark Andrus and Bill Grimes .

Fraser presented some possible T-shirt designs. The simplified version was preferred but needs more work. It was a little too simplified.

Mark Kramer would like to do a slide program on his proposed coastal marshland canoe trail and boat ramp at Armand Bayou. He is flexible on the time and it was suggested that we have it in November. Fraser will contact Lillian.

It was decided that dues should be raised beginning October 1 ,2001. They would be a flat $25 for individuals, families or new members. There would be no $5 initiation fee. A notice of this proposed amendment to the constitution should appear in the August newsletter with reasons we think the increase is advisable. A vote will be taken at the September meeting.

No inventory has been taken due to mosquitoes and other problems. Another attempt will be made. Fraser thinks it is important to locate archival materials. The effort to document the location of these materials will continue.

The proposed bombing site on Padre Island was discussed. It was decided that we should watch the proceedings to see whether it is something we might want to actively protest.

Fraser reported that the hydrilla problem on the lake at Huntsville State Park is terrible. Several measures have been or will be taken to try to control it. Mary suggested we find out what was done last year and how effective it was.

Mary called City Market to thank them for providing a place for our June general meeting. Marilyn will write a thank-you also.

Candy reported that the club has $23,583. This adjusted amount reflects the true amount in the Rendezvous fund.

It was decided to solicit donations to the Red Cross at the July general meeting and to match donations up to $500.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2001
The meeting was called to order by the Commodore, Fraser Baker. He introduced the officers present, Vice Commodore Lillian Tigard, Recorder Marilyn Peery, Purser Candy Donahue, Newsletter Editor Donna Grimes, Fleet Captain Cheryl Cleary, and Governors Mary Carter and Bill Grimes. There were 47 people present.

The program on Octopuses was presented by Dr. James Wood.

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. Candy reported that there is presently $23,584 in the club treasury. It was decided to pass the hat to collect money for the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund. The club will contribute whatever is needed to bring the donation to $500.

Cheryl Cleary gave the fleet captain’s report and asked for feedback from trip leaders concerning double mileage for trip leaders. Mary Carter reported on Trash Bash. Tracy Caldwell announced the Hummingbird Festival in Rockport on September 13 and 14.

Jim Null reported on progress of the Rendezvous. Of greatest concern right now is the serious hydrilla problem. He, Fraser and Kevin Casement plan to visit the park again Saturday to assess the problem.

Donna Grimes introduced visitors and new members. She also asked how many members had checked out the email version of the newsletter and encouraged those who had not to do so.

Marilyn Peery asked members to check their listings for the new roster.

There are still four openings for an Instructor Development Workshop taught by Patti Carothers.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery

July 13, 2001

Community Room Coordinator
Central Market
3815 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77027

Dear Coordinator,

The Houston Canoe Club wishes to thank you for providing space for our June 13th meeting. The facilities were nice and we had a good meeting. My husband and I came early to check out your new store and did not go home empty-handed. While HCC is happy to be back in our usual meeting room in the American Red Cross Building, I’m sure some of our members will be back to Central Market to shop. Thanks again for helping us out.

Yours truly,
Marilyn Peery