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HCC Newsletter
May, 2001

Newsletter, 3.6 megabyte Pdf document, click the image below: 
2001 May NL

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
April 30, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore, Fraser Baker. Officers present included, Lillian Tigard, Vice-commodore, Marilyn Peery, Recorder, Cheryl Cleary, Fleet Captain, Donna Grimes, Newsletter Editor, Governors, Mark Andrus and Mary Carter. Jim Null, Rendezvous Chairman, was also present.

The minutes were approved.

Lillian announced that the program for the next general meeting will be Tom Goynes talking about the purchase of the Hidalgo Falls river access property. A piece about Tom Goynes should be placed on the listbot. The June program will be presented by Jamie Butler with James Wood as a back-up option. Bryan Adams will give the September program on the new park system he is developing in the Freeport area.

Cheryl reported that the spotlight cruise for May will be Sheldon Reservoir on May 5th. In June there will be a 4 mile flat-water trip on the Brazos and the spotlight cruise will be on Buffalo Bayou. In July Natalie Wiest will lead the spotlight cruise, a moo light paddle on Armand Bayou. Mark Andrus called our attention to the May 5th get-together at Hidalgo Falls.

There was a discussion on what we need to do to impress on the club the importance of Rendezvous to provide funds for club operation expenses. It was suggested that we raise club dues to $20 in 2002. Donna will check on the amount of dues other clubs charge.

A thank-you letter was received from the Galveston Bay Foundation for the $1,000 donation from Rendezvous profits.

Fraser suggested we buy small ziplock bags for members to carry HCC business cards. He will do this. Donna will need to buy materials for 50 new member packets. The cost should be about $65.

May 15th is the deadline for articles for the next newsletter. It will be a combination June/July issue because Donna will be gone during the month of June.

There is still no inventory of items in the storage shed. After 2000 Rendezvous registration forms intended to be used for 2001 publicity, were thrown away, it was requested that nothing be thrown away without first asking the officers. Jim and Donna couldn’t find the cork display board. Fraser will look at the Rendezvous 2000 disc he received from Kevin to see if it is listed in the things he stored after Rendezvous. Mary would like a copy of the disc.

Since Bob Scheffler has not responded to our request for his resignation as governor, Fraser will solicit a nomination for someone to fill the vacancy. Bill Grimes was suggested as a possible replacement.

REI is having a Fair on May 19-20 and has asked the club to man a booth. Tracy Caldwell will organize it but since she cannot attend the next meeting, Candy will solicit volunteers to man the booth. Linda Gorski will put together publicity materials to be distributed at the booth.

There has been concern about river access closure on the Blanco River. Fraser will ask the conservation committee to bring it to the attention of club members.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery,

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2001
The meeting was called to order by the Commodore, Fraser Baker, at 7:05. He introduced the officers present: Vice-Commodore, Lillian Tigard and Purser, Candy Donahue. There were no minutes to present from the last meeting.

Lillian Tigard introduced the first speaker, Tom Goynes, president of the Texas River Protection Association. He told stories about the beginnings of the canoe club and his involvement at that time, followed by a presentation about the acquisition of and future plans for Hidalgo Falls. The pictures and slides gave members who had never seen the area a good idea of the paddling possibilities. Tom said the TRPA was originally set up to pass legislation in protection of rivers, but has evolved and amended its bylaws to include acquisition of property where possible to preserve access to paddlers. They are also currently involved in a bridge closure issue on the Blanco near Wimberly.

Cheryl Cleary announced upcoming trips and asked members about recently taken trips.

The second speaker was Bob Spain, involved with resource protection with Texas Parks and Wildlife. He explained that TPWD is interested not only in protecting the cleanliness and availability of water, but habitat and paddling access as well. He promoted a “Rivers 2001” upcoming clean-up event in Austin. He also said TPWD is trying to set up a “Texas Rivers” foundation, income from which could be used to protect Texas rivers. They are also working on adding access information to their web site, including directions and descriptions.

Fraser asked each of the guests to introduce themselves.

Candy Donahue gave the purser’s report, stating that the club had taken in $2,269, and spent $9,629, so far this year, including $6,500 in donations. We have $ 17,515 in our non-Rendezvous accounts.

Candy Donahue described the REI booth which the club will man the weekend of May 19 and 20, and passed around a sign-up sheet.

John Bartos, representing the conservation committee, discussed the upgrades in store at Sheldon Lake reservoir.

Jim Null, Rendezvous chair, announced that the next Rendezvous meeting is May 22, and that they need possible T-shirt designs by then.

A 4-day NOC clinic remaining from Rendezvous 2000 was auctioned off to Jim Null.

Fraser asked for volunteers to fill the vacated governor position through the remainder of the year. Bill Grimes volunteered.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Candy Donahue (for Marilyn Peery)