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HCC Newsletter
January, 2001

There was no newsletter this month.

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
January 2, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore, Jim Null. Officers present included Frazer Baker, Vice Commodore, Marilyn Peery, Recorder, Candy Donahue, Treasurer, Donna Grimes, Newsletter Editor, Mary Carter and Mark Andrus, Governors, and John Bartos, 2000 Commodore.

John informed us that the Buffalo Bayou Coalition has asked if HCC would be interested in running the Buffalo Bayou Regatta on May 5th. They would be paid to do this. The officers felt that we could not do both the race and Rendezvous but since no chairman has been found for Rendezvous, no decision would be made at this time about the Regatta.

John Bartos agreed to be the club representative to the Galveston Bay Foundation.

There were no minutes from the last meeting.

Candy and Grady are planning to get together this week to pass along treasurer’s materials and Grady will make a presentation at the general meeting.

Goal for this year were discussed. Donna Grimes plans to have the newsletter out by the first of the month. She wants to include information about that month’s speaker, feature articles about officers and other “regulars’ in our club, articles on upcoming trips the month before the scheduled trip, and a “welcome to our club” section on new members.

Distributing the newsletter by e-mail was discussed. In addition to member preference, the cost of mailing some at regular rate vs. bulk rate should be investigated

Donna suggested a meeting format of starting promptly at 7:00 or 7:30, introducing officers followed by the speaker. Next would be trip reports followed by a 10-15 minute break before the business portion. Several officers were not in favor of the break because too many people would leave before the business meeting.

Donna also made several suggestions for increasing membership including a new member’s committee that would have a table outside the meeting room with name tags, a current newsletter, roster, applications and new member packets. The committee would send out letters of welcome and mail packets to those who mail in new memberships. It was suggested that an officer would also help man the table each month. Donna will do it in January, Mary in February, Candy in March, Frazer in April, Marilyn in May and Mark in June. Name tags were suggested. Donna will have them at the next meeting with separate colors for guests and new members.

Other suggestions included a committee in charge of promotions and mailing applications to past members who have allowed their membership to lapse and to give a brochure with an application to guests on trips. It was agreed that a new member chairman or committee should be appointed

Frazer presented a tentative program agenda for 2001. These include:
February   Famous Paddlers  John Heath
March  Local Paddles  HCC Members
April  Birding and/or The Night Sky    Bryan Adams
May  Outfitting and Paddling for Newbies     Don Green
June  River Politique  Tom Goynes, John Bartos
July  Health and Prevention Local Sports Medicine    Doc
August  Safe Coastal Paddling  Coast Guard
September     Top Ten Wilderness Injuries  Jamie Butler
October  Favorite Texas Excursions  Louis Aulbach
November  Trip Coordination, ACA Hierarchy  John Spiers
December  Canoe Cooking  Gib Hafernick
January  White Water Rescue and Gear  Neil Harrison, Lynne Andrus
February  Texas Rivers  Verne Huser

It was also suggested that we have presentations three times per year on local paddling trips. One could be the Women’s Village Creek Paddle in April. Another suggestion was to have more club traditional paddles like the Family Paddle, a Summer Picnic and Games Event, the Women’s Trip and the New Year’s Medina Trip.

A Fleet Captain is still needed. Mary Carter will talk again with Cheryl Cleary. If she declines, Frazer will ask Mary Z.

Candy Donahue plans to have regular financial reporting. She wants to relate costs vs. dues income to present a cash flow summary at the next officer’s meeting. She also wants a better handle on Rendezvous funds.

It was suggested that the constitution be put on the web site and have copies available at the meeting. Jim will ask John Bartos to do this.

Paddle awards for 2000 will be presented at the next meeting. Drinks left from the Christmas party will be available. Program plans could be circulated. If one isn’t found before then, we need to solicit a fleet captain. Jim will talk to Kevin about a Rendezvous chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore, Jim Null at 7:10 p.m. Officers present included Marilyn Peery, Recorder, Candy Donahue, Purser, Donna Grimes, Newsletter Editor, Cheryl Cleary, Fleet Captain and Mary Carter, Governor.

Members introduced themselves and new members were welcomed.

Kevin Casement presented a check in the amount of $6,200 for the proceeds of Rendezvous and another for $8,000, the Rendezvous seed money. A new chairman is still needed for the 2001 Rendezvous. Candy Donahue reported that we have approximately $20,000 in HCC accounts excluding the above Rendezvous funds. Dues do not cover operating expenses and we have been depending on Rendezvous profits to run the club. She will have more data regarding operating expenses at future meetings.

Jim Null received in inquiry to see if HCC is interested in presenting a slide show at the Home Show in the convention center.

Stewart Shapiro presented a very interesting program on hypothermia.

Cheryl Cleary gave the fleet captain’s report. Donna Grimes, the 2000 fleet captain, reported that members paddled 7,350 miles on 65 club sponsored trips. Ninteen members were presented awards for paddling more than 100 miles. There were also awards given for the most miles paddled, Mary Zaborowski 513 miles, Fraser Baker for participating in the most trips, 23, and Donna Grimes for the trip with the most participants, 56. Tracy Caldwell and Randall Nord were the “rookies” with the most miles. Cindy and John Bartos and Mary Zaborowski were top trip leaders with ten trips each. The 2000 HCC Officers were thanked with gifts and the 2001 Officers introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery