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HomeNL-2015-12 Kuhlman Gully

Kuhlman Gully Clean-Up
Nov. 14, 2015
Frank Ohrt

  Kuhlman Gully map thumbnail

    On November 14, the Houston Bar Association's "Lawyers Against Waste" held a clean-up on Kuhlman Gully, a tributary to Brays Bayou downstream of the University of Houston. HCC was well represented by Tom Douglas, David Portz, Fran Wilcox, Robert Trout, your Indefatigable Recorder, and guest cleaner-uppers Liz Dennis and Cyndi Cannon.  Bruce Bodson was present, providing kayaks and canoes from Bayou City Adventures.

    There was a large turnout from the L.A.W., the city provided a chain-saw and herbicide crew for removal of invasive trees and brush, and the gully was attacked by land and by sea. Being the destination of storm water runoff after heavy rains, the gully was a mess. There was the predictable mix of cans, plastic, styrofoam, shopping carts, and icky personal items. Everyone pitched in, though, and by noon it was hardly recognizable. We filled up a big dumpster and had a good-sized pile of bigger stuff on the side. Your I. R. apologized for (almost) everything he said about recent law school graduates.

    Congratulations to Bonnie Simmons and the Houston Bar Association for a well organized clean-up!

Fran Wilcox, Liz Dennis, Frank Ohrt, & Cyndi Cannon

The author, Frank Ohrt