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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Buffalo Bayou paddling routes offer different perspective on Houston"
 (Houston, TX)
"Bruce Bodson is only steps away from the bumper-to-bumper racket of Allen Parkway. But standing next to a bright orange kayak, the part-time tour guide is headed toward serenity - ready to paddle away for a couple of hours from the newly opened Lost Lake boat launch, where Bayou City Adventures began renting out kayaks and canoes last month..."
Complete story: Chronicle

"2M gallons of sewage spills into Houston bayous" (Houston, TX)
"Last month, more than 2 million gallons of raw sewage overflowed across Houston, the result of Halloween weekend rains swamping the sewage system. The sheer volume of stormwater transmitted by roads and parking lots into sewers overwhelmed the capacity of the system and sewage was released to nearby bayous and ultimately to Galveston Bay..."
Complete story: Chronicle
                          USA Today
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"Video: Top 10 Tips for Canoeing & Kayaking Safely"
"With the influx of novice paddlers on all types of waterways comes an increased risk of injuries and deaths. Canoes, kayaks and standup paddleboards were responsible for 20 percent of all boating causalities last year. The ACA, with funding from the U.S. Coast Guar createf this animated video with the goal of educating and empowering paddlers to take responsibility for their personal safety on the water..."
Click the image:
Top 10 Safety Tips

Complete story:

"Roof Racks: Do's and Don't's"
"No matter how monstrous your SUV may be, your sea kayak is never going to fit inside like a pair of Rollerblades. It’s just a matter of fact that sea kayakers need roof racks. Even if you do live on the water you’ll eventually want to load your boat and travel to another shoreline. In case you haven’t yet had to explain why you showed up at the weekly race with a wrecked boat let us, your humble editors, offer some solid roof rack advice..."
Complete story: RapidMedia

"Artists Gone Wild: Chris Pearson"
"Chris Pearson’s love for canoes began as an eighth-grade boy on a church camp canoe trip. It’s never waned...  It’s down in his basement sanctuary and wood shop that his affinity for canoes truly becomes apparent. Amid antique lanterns and North Woods paraphernalia sit four immaculate models of historic wooden canoes he painstakingly researched and built..."
Complete story: Canoe Roots
See more of Chris Pearson’s models at
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Safety Reminder

"Boy, 10, saves dad from lake" (Hunlock, PA)
"The sudden chill in the water caught Mike Bobersky by surprise.  A moment earlier, he and 10-year-old son Jake had been paddling in kayaks, enjoying the last few minutes of fishing after dinner before the sun set.  Bobersky, 41, had hooked a large-mouth bass. But as he leaned over to bring it into his boat, the kayak flipped.  Suddenly, he was fighting for his life in the 20-foot-deep water..."
Complete story:

"Missing Teen found safe" (Rindge, NH)
"Authorities said a teenager missing from a New Hampshire boarding school has been found safe.  Fish and Game officials said that Julian Hofstetter, 16, was found on an island on Thursday afternoon by a K-9.  Officials said he used a canoe on the shore to reach the island. They said he was tired and hungry but unharmed..."
Complete story:

"Secrets of lost Tequesta" (Parkland, FL)
"In 1959, Bruce Blount was digging a canal along the Everglades' edge when his equipment sounded a loud "whack."  He'd hit a wooden crypt.  Blount peered past splintered wood into the darkness. He saw bodies.  It was filled with skeletal remains that archaeologists later said was a ceremonial center where Tequesta Indians lived, conducted religious rituals and buried their dead. One man was interred with his canoe paddle..."
Complete story: Sun-Sentinel

"Hawaii canoe hits halfway mark in round-the-world voyage" (Honolulu, HI)
"The Polynesian voyaging canoe has reached South Africa, the halfway point on its three-year journey and the most dangerous leg partly because of complicated ocean conditions.  The double-hulled canoe Hokulea left Hawaii last year, and its crew members are sailing without modern navigation equipment. They are using the motion of the waves and the position of the stars to guide their path, sailing the way that brought the first Polynesians to the Hawaiian islands..."
Complete story: