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HomeNL-1986-11 Newsletter

HCC Newsletter
November, 1986
by Jan Waters




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Meeting called to order at 7:30. New Officer candidates invited.

Elections: A sample ballot was passed around. It was recommended that those running unopposed be elected by a voice vote, and the offices being contested as well as the constitutional amendment
be stated on the ballot.

Boat Show: Gary Jackson would like to display boats belonging to club members instead of new boats. Lots of media, such as slides and videos be displayed as well as paddling gear. The vendors will have their business cards displayed.
A vote passed to hand out the newsletter at the boat show.
A motion was made seconded and passed to bring 1000 copies of the newsletter.
Prizes will be donated for drawing at the meeting and displayed at the boat show.
A motion was seconded and passed to exclude boat vendors from working at the boat show.

The program will be 1 or 2-20 minute films.

The Christmas party will be December 13 at 7pm.

Louis Massengill will hand out, count and announce the results of the elections.

HCC will be asked to provide a meat dish with a $100 ceiling for the party on Dec. l3.

The Sierra Club is looking people to represent HCC at Wallisville Dam committee meetings. Leonard H. will be the representative.

The article about the Houston Olympic Sports Festival will not be sent to Canoe magazine.

Larry Wild will represent HCC at the Texas River Symposium Nov. 25 - 26 in Austin if the club so wishes.

A new mailbox will be arranged by Louis A. with extra keys.

A letter was read from Mrs. Bill Ten Eyck.

Discussed sending a representative to State Scenic River System.  Leonard H. will represent HCC.

A safety class on April 4,5, & 6 by Les Bechdel will be announced at the meeting.

A letter on a safety kit will be published in the newsletter.

A motion was made to bring before the club a suggestion to purchase a Trip leader kit as listed by Joe Butler with a ceiling of $175.00 was tabled until after April 6.

The membership will be asked to donate items from the ship's store with a $50.00 wholesale value for the drawings after the boat show.

Response from HCC to the Sierra Club regarding their request for
donations to help defray legal expenses on the Wallisville Project.
1986 Nov Sierra Club Response
(Click to see Pdf document.)