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2015 Board of Directors Election
November, 2014
by Christy Long

It is election time once again, and this year brought offers to make several changes to the board of directors of the Houston Canoe Club, as detailed below.

Christy Long has spearheaded the nomination committee of herself, with John Ohrt and Joe Coker.  They have put forth a slate of candidates to make up the Board for 2015.

Christy Long   John Ohrt    Joe Coker
    Nominating Committee    
Here is a list of the board positions, the current officers, and the candidates running for the positions for the year 2015.
Position    Current Officer    2015 Candidates               
Commodore     Harmon Everett    Harmon Everett 
Vice-Commodore     Will Blumentritt   Honey Leveen
Fleet Captain    Dave Kitson   Will Blumentritt
Purser    Bob Naeger    Bob Naeger 
Recorder    Frank Ohrt   Frank Ohrt
Boatswain Ken Pape Terri Morgan
Newsletter Editor John Rich John Rich 

Harmon Everett
Honey Leveen
Vice Commodore
Will Blumentritt
Fleet Captain
Bob Naeger

Frank Ohrt
Terri Morgan
John Rich
Newsletter Editor

The club officer candidates are selected from members that show an interest in the club. This involvement includes participating in trips, coordinating trips, and attending club meetings. They agree to support the club for a year by donating their time to lead the club.
We thank these candidates for their contributions. 

As you can see, five of the seven current officers are running again.  Dave Kitson has retired as Fleet Captain and Will Blumentritt has moved from Vice Commodore to fill that Fleet Captain position.  Honey Leveen has stepped forward to fill Will's vacated Vice Commodore position.  And Ken Pape is retiring as Boatswain, with the position being filled by Terri Morgan.  Harmon Everett, Bob Naeger, Frank Ohrt and John Rich continue in their previous roles.

The election was held at the November 12th general membership meeting, and all candidates elected by a quorum vote of the membership.

And of course, we offer a big thanks to retiring Fleet Captain Dave Kitson and retiring Boatswain Ken Pape for their services to the club. 
Dave Kitson    Ken Pape 



As a refresher, here are the duties and office descriptions as defined in the club constitution:


Duties of the Board of Directors include:

1. promote and implement objectives of the Club;

2. set policies and rules with the advice and consent of the membership;

3. authorize expenditures of up to five hundred ($500). Expenditures over five hundred ($500)
    must be approved by the membership at a regular or a special meeting;

4. approve deposits of Club funds in checking or savings accounts or appropriate investments, as
    recommended by the Purser; and

5. conduct Club business between regular meetings. 


Duties of the Commodore include: 

1. preside over General Membership Meetings and over the Board of Directors Meetings;

2. appoint a nominating committee of at least three (3) persons with at least one (1) person
    being selected from the membership to compile a slate of qualified candidates for each
    office to be filled for the upcoming year at the August General Meeting;

3. fill vacancies;

4. appoint committees; and

5. represent the Club in communications with other organizations.


Duties of the Vice-Commodore include:

1. assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties;

2. preside in the absence of the Commodore;

3. be responsible for a program at regular meetings;

4. post the General Meeting program to the website; and

5. maintain and keep current the documents of incorporation of the Club.

Duties of the Fleet Captain include:

1. coordinate the planning of Club trips;

2. solicit trip coordinators for trips;

3. maintain and distribute trip coordinator packets to trip coordinators;

4. act as a source of information for the members concerning rivers and waterways;

5. conduct a review of past trips and announce upcoming trips at regular meetings;

6. post upcoming trips to the web site;

7. post classes to the web site;

8. be the Club contact for upcoming trips, outings and activities;

9. keep a log of Club trips and outings (to include, at a minimum, dates, names of attendees
    and places of trips);

10. compile a list of trip statistics to be reported to the General Membership for review no later

    than the February General Meeting after the closing of the year; and

11. at the option of the Fleet Captain, compile a listing of award recipients such as 100 mile
    paddlers, trip coordinators, and notable paddlers, which awards to be presented no later
    than the March General Meeting after the closing of the year.


Duties of the Purser include:

1. collect all monies due and pay all accounts owed;

2. keep a correct record and account of all monies received and paid out;

3. maintain a current roster;

4. deposit the funds of the Club, in the name of the Club, in a depository or depositories approved
    by the Board of Directors;

5. present at each regular and Board meeting cash flow and balance reports stating the financial
    condition of the Club;

6. present a written, detailed and complete annual financial statement of all Club activities for the
    prior calendar year no later than the March meeting;

7. control all permanent property of the Club, both real and personal and make such rules and
    regulations for their care and use; and

8. with assistance from the Officers of the Club, conduct an inventory of Club property and present
    said inventory at the October meeting and have this listing available to the members at all
    regular meetings.


Duties of the Recorder include:

1. keep a log of the proceedings of General Membership and Board meetings;

2. maintain custody of all reports and documents connected with the Club;

3. conduct the Club correspondence; and

4. give notice of all special meetings.


Duties of the Boatswain include:

1. pursue, engage and coordinate the introduction of new members to paddling;

2. coordinate the Welcome Table to be present at each general meeting;

3. prepare and distribute New Member Packets;

4. promote the HCC in the local community including the participation at appropriate events, fairs
    and open houses;

5. coordinate a new member paddle at least every three months;

6. update and coordinate development of the website; and.

7. maintain and post membership renewal forms to the website.

The Boatswain may form a Membership Committee to assist with these duties.


Duties of the Newsletter Editor include:

1. management, preparation and distribution of a monthly newsletter; and

2. posting of relevant News Items to the website.



Nominating Committee Chairwoman,
Christy Long