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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Rayburn: New plan needed to restore Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"Once-stable bayou banks are collapsing. Majestic trees are toppling into the bayou, unleashing soils along the way. Degradation of acres of forest and habitat is accelerating. Unacceptable water quality levels remain. This is all happening along portions of Buffalo Bayou..."
Complete story: Chronicle
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"Opponents Of Bayou Project Shut Out Of Flood Control Meeting" (Houston, TX)
"The Harris County Flood Control Task Force gave overwhelming approval to a controversial plan to reconfigure Buffalo Bayou along Memorial Park. But opponents were unhappy not only with the vote but how the meeting was held.  As two deputy constables stood on either side of the door of a meeting room at flood control headquarters, Susan Chadwick with the group Save Buffalo Bayou waited in the hallway - they were told only members would be allowed inside the room..."
Complete story: Chronicle
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"Settlements, split verdict yield murky result in waste pit case"
(Houston, TX)
"Harris County's effort to fine businesses for the poisonous paper-mill waste that had polluted the San Jacinto River for decades was a bold move that caught the attention of environmentalists here and across the country. Rarely, if ever, had government tried to enforce violation of state law over so many years. The legal fight, however, produced a murky result Thursday..."
Complete story: Chronicle
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"Man steals canoe, calls 911 for rescue" (Burien, WA)
"A man in his 20’s snuck onto a person’s private beach property and stole a canoe. Police say the man couldn’t find a paddle and decided a shovel would suffice. The man got caught in gusting wind and had to call 911 to rescue him. He was found adrift in the Puget Sound..."
Complete story:
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"Mike Ranta's Cross-Canada Paddle Complete" (Canada)
"After seven months and 7,500 kilometres, cross-Canada paddler Mike Ranta has completed his trip near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, about 300 kilometers short of his goal of Cape Breton. He will submit an official application for Longest Solo Canoe Trip in a Single Season to the Guinness Book of World Records..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
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"Kayak trip ends up with vehicle stranded in creek" (Australia)
"It was a heart-breaking sight for the owner of this vehicle, who learnt a costly lesson about driving on soft sand. Stranded on the tidal flats, the late-model Nissan X-Trail was submerged by incoming tides as curious bystanders wondered how a vehicle ended up in the creek..."
Complete story: Advocate
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"Kayakers rescued off stormy coast" (Vancouver, Canada)
"After battling 10-foot-high swells and capsizing in the surf, sea kayaker John Kuntz figured his problems would be over when reached shore. But that was only the start of a five-day ordeal on a remote, storm-blasted stretch of the British Columbia coast. Kuntz and his paddling partner, Luca Lezzi, found themselves trapped until the Canadian Coast Guard could reach them..."
Complete story: Kitsap Sun
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"Hammerhead shark follows kayakers for 2 miles" (Palm Beach, FL)
"For nearly two miles, a hammerhead shark taunted a pair of kayakers as they paddled their way back to shore.  The 13-foot shark circled the kayaks at least 30 times offshore from the town of Palm Beach. It even bumped into one of the vessels more than once. Finally, the shark peeled off, leaving them with a fish tale to tell..."
Complete story: Sun Sentinel
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"Canoe, kayak registration fees considered to help Fish & Game budget"
(New Hampshire)
"Canoes and kayaks in New Hampshire could face annual registration fees as one of a number of ways to help shore up the Fish and Game Department. Those were among a set of recommendations a legislative study committee delivered Monday to help fund the many jobs of the department..."
Complete story: WMUR
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"$30,000 Kayaks For The Adventurer's Wish List" (Groton, CT)
"“Basically it started out with just me being a poor college student and wanting a boat,” Nick Schade says, referring to a humble first attempt at building a kayak in 1986. Nearly 30 years later, Schade is a bona fide aquatic artist, constructing customized kayaks from his home in Groton, Connecticut. A bespoke piece can range from $9,000 to $37,000..."
Complete story: Forbes
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