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Last Meeting Minutes

August 13th, 2014
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt 

Harmon Everett called the meeting to order, and introduced the officers.  The Vice Commodore and Bosun were absent.  Frank Ohrt was asked to keep the minutes.

Mark Andrus gave the Safety Minute, speaking about wound care and diabetes management. Frasier Baker added comments.

John Rich announced that the minutes of last month's meeting were posted in the current HCC newsletter, and the membership voted to accept them as they appeared in the newsletter.

Honey Leveen spoke about developments with the HCC 50th Anniversary party.  John Bartos added comments.  T-shirts were offered for sale.

  Linda Day
Frank Ohrt and Linda Day spoke about the upcoming TPWD public hearing on August 20th, and asked for members to attend if possible.

Bob Naeger gave the purser's report, giving the status of the club treasury.

Harmon, acting as Bosun, introduced three new members, and Paul Carr, one of the club's founding members.

Trip reports were given, and future trips announced.

Conservation reports were given, including the announcement of another riparian ecosystems workshop by TAMU/USDA/ etc.

Harmon showed a kayak "carnage porn" video. Ouch!

The meeting was adjourned.

Three former Commodores together at August HCC meeting:
John Bartos (1989, 1990 and 2000); Ann Derby (1991, 1992)
and Paul Carr (1966 through 1971)

Recorder, Frank Ohrt