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Last Meeting Minutes

July 10th, 2013
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Commodore: Harmon Everett
The meeting was called to order by Commodore Harmon Everett at 07:08:44 P.M. Introduced himself, the HCC Board Members and welcomed everyone.

A Reminder of the 50th Anniversary for next year. Still looking for memorabilia or people who can share their experiences with HCC from years back. And seeking a committee chair for the 50th.

Harmon request permission to pull some of the pictures off the HCC Website for our 50th.

Safety Minute: (5 minutes)
  Fraser Baker
Frazier Baker gave a brief discussion of avoiding strainers. Know that the outside of the bend may be very dangerous. A strainer is when the water goes around, under, or over the tree, branches or debris in the way. Which means the paddler may follow the same directly of the water flow is they do not stay clear of strainers.

Frazier gave a power point of a situation that took place with a strainer and rescue of a family with children.

(NOTE: They were not with HCC group and the one who attempted to help did not have his life jacket on.) HCC did assist in the rescue of this family.

Joe Coker also gave a brief discussion of a water rescue he too assisted in.

Vice Commodore: Philip Matticks
  Natalie Wiest
Philip Matticks introduced tonight’s guest speaker; Natalie Wiest; Arthur of “Canoeing & Kayaking Houston Waterways”

Recorder: Tisha Matticks
Last months (June) minutes have been posted on the Newsletter. John Rich moved to accept the minutes and Frazier Baker 2nd the motion.

Motion to pass and accept the minutes are required by the general members.

Financial Report-Treasurer: Bob Neager
Out of Town

Presented by Harmon Everett; Money in the bank, budget is OK.

Fleet Captain: Dave Kitson
• Boundary Waters Canoe Area, by Dana Enos
• Weeks of the River-Robert & Joe.
• Colorado River, LaGrange to Columbus, by Harmon Everett
• Clear Creek, by Will Blumentritt
• Spring Fling, by Joe Coker
• Watch the Start of the Texas Water Safari Trip, by Harmon Everett
• Oyster Creek, by Keith Williams
• Picketts Bayou, by Dave Kitson

Boatswain: Honey Leveen
Cindy Joined
Jenny re-visited and joined (Collage Station)

Suggested to people to take bumper stickers, decals and business cards for more HCC information to share with others we may meet.

Newsletter: John Rich
A reminder to share stories and pictures and trip report with our News Editor.

Conservation: John Bartos
No show

Webmaster: Greg Walker
No show

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed:
• Novice Paddle On Buffalo Bayou (July 13)
• Picketts Cut Off & Un-named Bayou (July 14)
• Summer Fling (Mid July)
• Sailing Across Lake Anahuac (July 21)
• Sailing Across Lake Anahuac (July 28)
• Top End Mac Lake (August 03)
• Sabine Annual Labor Weekend (September)
• October Paddle Fest (October)
• Week of Rivers; Lakes of North Carolina

Open Discussion:
Tom presented a slide regarding the Riparian Aquatic Habitat Work Shop to be held in Edna, TX on August 27th. (8 minute discussion)

Network Meeting Dinner;
A reminder to all members each month for an early dinner or after the meeting dinner.

Several people joined Honey Leveen and her husband, every month for an earlier dinner. A different venue each week.

For those that simply can’t make the early dinner, several people get together for an after the meeting dinner each month at Jax’s Grill.

Meeting called to a closed: 1 hour, 50 minutes

“Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe”

Recorder, Tisha Matticks