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Last Meeting Minutes

June 12th, 2013
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Commodore: Harmon Everett
The meeting was called to order by Commodore Harmon Everett at 7:12 P.M.
Introduced himself and welcomed everyone.

Explained why the club was organized. And promote the idea to lead a trip closer to one’s home.
A reminder about paying ACA on line either through ACA or HCC website.
Be sure to sign the waiver as required by ACA.

A brief discussion about PICO’s Rest.; Some members ate before the meeting.
Bayland now has WiFi.

A Reminder of the 50th Anniversary for next year. Still looking for memorabilia or people who can share their experiences with HCC from years back. And seeking a committee chair for the 50th.
Harmon request permission to pull some of the pictures off the HCC Website for our 50th.

Google Earth one can make earth tours to see the plan trip. We are trying to find a place so we can store certain trips.

Trip Leaders Concerns; Medical issues-We are seeking an idea to voluntary share their medical issues That might wise to share with the Trip Leader, not to have any surprises. Perhaps a medical form.

Some discussion was added, pro’s and con’s to having this form available. (For further discussion.) One thought was to return the form back to the boater, that way no one walks away with someone else’s’ confidential information.

Ken Anderson had suggested to the board members to spread the nest egg toward more education, and get back into the S.W. Rondevious, cleaning up Buffalo Bayou, Bay, etc.
A suggestion to participate in these events. Harmon would like to ask Ken Anderson to open a chair for this participation.

Two guest were introduced who just finished the Water Safari after 97 hours on the water.

Safety Minute:
About strainers was first going to be introduced. Except an incident happened on the previous Saturday. A small boat going down Rio Vista, did not know how to keep their stability….Did not use the paddles as they should have. Within 10 seconds, two tons of water swapped their boat and blocked the dam. A fire truck had to rescue the boat.

When one encounters white water; the stability is in your paddle.

Vice Commodore: Philip Matticks
Philip Matticks introduced tonight’s guest speaker;
Texas Chernier Plain Refuges Complex-Tami Schutter from Anahuac.
Wildlife Observation; Photography, Fishing, Visitation. A range of information and giveaway’s.
New facilities to use, bird watching shed.

Recorder: Tisha Matticks
Last months (June) minutes were posted on the Newsletter.
Motion accepted by John Bartos, and second by Janise Baker. All in favor.
A reminder as to where the minutes are posted (HCC Newsletter) and a brief discussion of what took place during our last General Meeting. Motion was passed to accept the minutes.

Financial Report-Treasurer: Bob Neager
Out of town.
Tisha announced that the May we had $4832 in the account, $1305 for expenses, $1155 for income.

Fleet Captain: Dave Kitson
• Buffalo Bayou-Philip Matticks (Weather will determine the trip.)
• Charlotte’s Lake-Lumber Jack…hacking away at some brush.
• Sabine Annual Labor Day Weekend-Matticks’ (May 25, 26 & 27)
• Columbus Loop-Baker (May 27)
• Colorado River @ LaGrange above Frasier’s Trip on the Columbus-Harmon Everett 
  (May 25 & 27)
• Woods Project (Jun-7)
• Texas Water Safari-Just to watch the setup & start of the race. (June 7 & 8)

Boatswain: Honey Leveen
Out of town.

Presented by Tisha Matticks.
Cindy Cox who joined.
Diana Cooper who joined.
Carl who came with the speaker as a visitor from Anahuac.

Newsletter: John Rich
A reminder to share stories and pictures with our News Editor. Other’s sharing is the core of the letter. A warm pleasant appreciation of words were shared by John to the group of the importance and putting the newsletter together and what and who is involved.

We thank you John Rich for those kind words.

Conservation: John Bartos

Webmaster: Greg Walker
No show.

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed:
• Summer Fling (Mid July)
• Sabine Annual Labor Weekend (September)
• October Paddle Fest (October)
• Week of Rivers; Lakes of North Carolina

Open Discussion:
Past trips & upcoming trip events.
Safety of each trip and the difficulty of some trips.
Upcoming workshops to be available in August.

And as a reminder to all members each month for an early dinner or later dinner;
Several people joined Honey Leveen and her husband, every month is a different venue.
Several people get together for an after the meeting dinner as well each month at Jax’s Grill.

Meeting called to a closed: 1 hours 54 minutes

“Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe”

Recorder, Tisha Matticks