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25th Annual Trash Bash – March 24

Every year, thousands of volunteers gather along Texas waterways to do their part in cleaning up the environment by participating in the largest, single-day waterway cleanup in the state of Texas: the River, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous Trash Bash®.

Trash Bash is a half-day event, scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2018. Most of the 14 sites in our area begin at 8:00 a.m. and activities wrap up by 1:00 p.m. but start time, registration, and end time vary from location to location.  For registration information and details for the individual Trash Bash sites, visit the Trash Bash Website at

Bradley Selke
Sounds like it might be interesting.  Which location will you be working?

As far as I know, the Houston Canoe Club has not yet organized a group of paddlers to participate in the 2018 Trash Bash.  Please watch this space for future developments. In any case, it will be necessary to make sure that the organizers for a particular site know of our desire to take part.    


Site descriptions for 3 of the 14 local sites specifically mention participation by boaters:


Armand Bayou

“Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own paddle craft, however, ‘from the bank cleaning’ is offered to those on foot.”  (Houston Canoe Club paddlers have participated at this site in the past.)    


Galveston Bay (Virginia Point Peninsula Preserve)

“The area includes salt marsh, open bay shoreline, prairie wetlands and other coastal habitats. This site can use paddlers who would like to go after waterborne trash or into more remote areas of the preserve. Kayakers and canoers, please call us in advance so we can determine if there is sufficient interest from group paddlers to help with the cleanup. We may designate a site specifically to canoers and kayakers.”


Lake Houston (Old Atascocita Rd – Texas Adaptive Aquatics Shorefront)

“For your convenience, you may launch your boat from the Texas Adaptive Aquatics Boat launch, your subdivision's boat launch, other public launch or marina boat launches (may be subject to a launch fee). Motorized boats, canoes, kayaks and Jon boats or other watercraft may be used although Trash Bash insurance does not cover boatrelated accidents to volunteers, boats or equipment.” 


Two other sites might possibly offer opportunities for paddlers. (Availability of these two sites for paddlers is more subject to possible limitation due to high flows in the event of rain.) 


Cypress Creek (Collins Park)

“Volunteers will clean 6.5 miles of waterways. The focus will be on cleaning Cypress Creek, Dry Gulley, Pillot Gully, Spring Gully, and adjacent areas. This will include: KickerilloMischer Nature Preserve, Cypress Creek Greenway, Meyer Park, Cypress Creek YMCA, and Collins Park.” (Houston Canoe Club paddlers have participated in previous cleanups on Cypress Creek.) 


Sims Bayou (Glenbrook, Reveille, Sims Woods Parks)

The cleanup along Sims Bayou will be land based, however Houston Canoe Club members have  participated in previous cleanups at the Kuhlman Gully satellite site, which is a tributary of Brays Bayou. Paddlers have accessed the lower part of Kuhlman Gully and the immediately adjacent portion of Brays Bayou. 


If you would be interested in organizing a group of Houston Canoe Club paddlers for one of these sites, please post a message to this forum.  


Three cheers for Christy Long, who has stepped up to lead the Houston Canoe Club’s group for the 2018 River, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous Trash Bash at Armand Bayou!  She is asking that HCC participants in Trash Bash meet up at 7:30 AM at the boat launch in Bay Area Park.  In addition to the formal sign-in with Trash Bash, which will be done by filling in a paper form on the day of the event, Christy is asking HCC participants to register on the HCC website so that she will know how many people to expect.  For details, check out her entries on HCC's Paddling Forum and Event CalendarDetails about the Trash Bash Registration Waiver Form and Trash Bash General Safety Information can be viewed online. 

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