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16 1/2 Foot Cedar Strip Kipawa Canoe for Sale
Mike Grove

I am selling a Cedar Strip Canoe that I constructed based on a design by J. Winters. I built this canoe with materials purchased from Classic Boat Kits of Ontario, Canada, which I contacted through Green Valley Boat Works, Red Cedar strips are the principal construction components. White cedar inner stems, cherry outer stems, and brass stem bands were used. The canoe has cherry scuppered Inwales and Outwales, handcarved slipstream cherry yoke, cherry/natural cane seats, and cherry decks. The outside of the hull is covered with two layers of 6oz fiberglass cloth and System Three epoxy (resin + hardener); the inside is covered with one layer of 6oz fiberglass cloth and System Three epoxy. The entire canoe (hull, seats, gunnels, deck, yolk, etc.) was then coated with Spar Urethane Varnish. The Kipawa is an asymmetric canoe, which has a longer streamlined bow with the widest point a foot or so behind center. I am told that asymmetrical canoes tend to be faster, more efficient, and track better than symmetric canoes. For more information regarding this Kipawa, check out on the Green Valley Boat Works website. I have used this canoe for casual daytripping and have competed in the two most recent (50th and 51st annual) Buffalo Bayou Regatta in Houston, Texas. I am 75 and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find tandem canoe partners and to load and transport this tandem canoe. I have purchased a solo canoe, and have reluctantly decided to part with this tandem cedar stripper, which is still in fine shape. I have also listed this canoe for sale on Ebay as item number 175897244379. Please let me know if you are interested. I am hoping to sell the canoe for at least $900.

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