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HCC Newsletter
February, 2001

Newsletter, 707k Pdf document, click the image below: 
2001 Feb NL

Houston Canoe Club Officer’s Meeting
Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore, Jim Null. Officers present included Frazer Baker, Vice Commodore, Marilyn Peery, Recorder, Candy Donahue, Purser, and Mark Andrus, Governor Also present were John Ohrt and Scott Coultas.

The minutes were approved as read.

Frazer reported that the Feb. program on Native Kayak Techniques and Survival Skills will be presented by John Heath. He asked about speaker gifts. He will ask Donna if there is one of the lights left from the awards program that he can give to John. Frazer is planning a birding program for March, possibly Marilyn Kircus and/or Natalie Wiest. Ron Grimes of the Outdoor Nature Club was suggested as another possibility. Candy will call the Arboretum for names of birders.

Scott Coultas presented a plan for acquiring access to Hidalgo Falls. About $50,000 needs to be raised to buy 7 acres with an easement for access to the river. TRPA is heading the drive and has pledged $14,000. Three individuals have pledged $7,000. Other smaller donations have been made. March 6 is the date set for closing on the property. A motion was passed to bring the matter before the club at the general meeting and recommend that HCC contribute up to $3,500. Individual contributions will also be solicited. A short presentation by Steve Daniel or a video made by Tom Goynes who is unable to attend, will be followed by members, possibly John Bartos and Mary Carter, explaining the pros and cons of the project.

A motion will be made at the general meeting to authorize Candy Donahue to change the check signers on the accounts. Candy reported that a CD for $3,500 was automatically rolled over and will come due next fall. She will check into short-term CD’s or other ways to earn more interest on our money. She will also call Louis Aulbach to clear up discrepancies over the amount of the checks presented to the club from the Rendezvous account at the last meeting. Frazer moved that $200 be budgeted for the new member committee. The motion carried.

Candy moved that sections 2 and 3 of article 5 of the bylaws be deleted as these practices have not been followed for some time. Jim will check to see if there are others that should be changed and the matter will be brought to the membership.

Cheryl Cleary, who was appointed fleet captain by the commodore, should be formally elected at the March meeting. It was also recommended that John Bartos be formally requested to manage the web site.

March 1 is the deadline for finding a Rendezvous chairman for 2001. Jim Null has volunteered to do it if another commodore can be found. He will approach Kevin Casement to be commodore. He will also check on the date conflict with the park service for Columbus Day Weekend.

Since the governors have neglected to inventory the storeroom and Jim doesn’t know what is there, he has volunteered to do the inventory. He will also make a few copies of the 2000 Roster.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery

Houston Canoe Club General Meeting
Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2001
The meeting was called to order by Commodore, Jim Null at 7:08 p.m. Officers present included Fraser Baker, Vice Commodore, Marilyn Peery, Recorder, Candy Donahue, Purser, Donna Grimes, Newsletter Editor, Cheryl Cleary, Fleet Captain and Governors Mary Carter and Mark Andrus.

Minutes were read and the treasurer’s report given. Candy clarified the checks presented last month from the Rendezvous committee explaining that the amounts stated were for the purpose of closing the books from one year to the next. In reality, the deposit sent to the state park for this year’s campsites and a small sum for possible unpaid Rendezvous 2000 expenses was deducted from these checks.

John Heath presented a program on Recreational Sea Kayaking Using Traditional Techniques.
Karen Knight announced that a sea kayak class will be given March 17-18 and an instructor development workshop and certification exam will be held in November.

Jim Null resigned as Commodore in order to become chairman of the 2001 Rendezvous. Fraser Baker was nominated for the position of Commodore and Lillian Tigard was nominated for Vice Commodore. Cheryl Cleary was nominated for Fleet captain since she has not yet been formally elected. Voting will take place at the March meeting.

Donna Grimes announced that Tracy Caldwell and Dana Enos are in charge of the new member’s table and passed a sign-up sheet for members interested in assisting them.

A motion was made by Mark Andrus and seconded by Susan Eda that we donate from Rendezvous profits $1,000 each to the Texas River Protection Agency, the Galveston Bay Foundation and the Red River Division of the ACA. The motion carried.

Cheryl Cleary presented the trip report. Jim Null announced that he will be working on the by-laws over the next few months to bring them up-to-date with our current needs.

A motion was made by Mark Andrus and seconded by Candy Donahue to donate $3,500 to TRPA for the purpose of purchasing land at Hidalgo Falls. The motion carried 29 to 10. Ken Barnard announced that he will collect individual donations to this project.

Lillian Tigard announced that there will be new member paddles held every one or two months at her home on Oyster Creek. Equipment will be provided. Dates will be announced.

The meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Peery