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Plea for Profile Photos
November 2015
Frank Ohrt

As club Recorder, and as a member, I've had cause to look up other members in the Membership Directory. I've found that only a quarter of the members have added a photo of themselves to their directory listing. Many of those are "on the water" shots, where the members' boats are recognizable, but they are not. This makes it pretty-near impossible for other members to know who the heck you are.

Could everyone please take two or three minutes to up-load a recognizable picture to their profile? Come on, folks - surely you have pictures of yourselves, and there are selfie-sticks for sale in any drugstore. The process is easy. Here is a run-through: log in to the website, click on the spots indicated, then follow the instructions "To upload a photo…". Even I can do it.


The author, Frank
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